Friday 24 July 2015

Reflecting on our blogging practices

How long have you been blogging?

What do you write on your blog?

Do you think blogging has made you a better learner?

Do you express yourself in English on your blog?


  1. 1. I have been blogging for two years approximately, since D' Class.

    2. On the blog, I have the chance to write about many things, such as my essays or compositions speaking more generally, to give some ideas to other students, and grammar posts to explain some phenomenons in my way. Moreover, I sometimes upload a song or write a review about a movie I have watched or a book I've read. New ideas are always welcome.

    3. I believe that undoubtedly, blogging has helped me improve my English! Through it, I can practice English more often and have the opportunity to be occupied with different issues. It is very omportant that this provides me the ability to practice and improve my English out of school in a funny and relaxing way, of course. The blog also is a direct "school" for me, because my teacher and my classmates usually post images with interesting words and tricks that help you learn. Furthermore, there are many posts from other learned that inspire me when doing my homework. And the most important is that, even if you are not at school, you can ask your teacher about something directly.

    4. Every single word or comment is written in English here on the blog. As I said before, this is a way of being a better learner of English.

  2. 1)Actually, I have been blogging for approximately two years.

    2)On the blog I express all my thoughts.I upload my favourite songs and I write compositions according to our English book.Sometimes, I have the chance to find some useful photos which include new important or unimportant words or grammar rules and I immediately upload them on the blog in order my classmates and the readers learn them, too.

    3)Blogging has been an experience different from all the others due to the fact that it has made me a better learner. That happens, because inside blog I can learn things that I didn't even know that they existed!Our teacher uploads many global issues that are important for all of us.Consequently, we improve our knowledge and we learn how to become better people. :)

    4)Since ''Achieving Proficiency'' is a blog which evidently helps us to obtain the certificate (Proficiency) , it is necessary everyone write in English :) So, all the children, we are accustomed to express ourselves in English, because only if we try and want, will we achieve to own such a diploma!

  3. 1) I took up blogging when I was in D' class; therefore, I have been blogging for approximately two years and I will run a mile in order to keep on writing on this blog.

    2) Concerning what I write on the blog, I usually share my essays and my compositions due to the fact that my classmates are able to sneak a peek at them and find out some ideas. What's more, I also take pleasure in uploading my favourite songs and photos with useful words. And last but not least, I am keen on writing reviews about books I've read or movies I've watched.

    3) Well, nowadays, it is true that using technology for educational purposes is a widespread phenomenon that has increased importantly and swiftly. Consequently, reaping the benefits of the use of modern technology in the classroom brings a lot of advantages to students. I am inclined to believe that blogging have a role to play in our effort to master our English. I reckon that blogging made me a better learner, by all means. Firstly, through it, I pick up my English by reading other students' essays or by studying the useful posts that our teacher upload. Furthermore, writing on the blog which in turn, facilitates conducting researches or exchanging opinions with other students, as it is extraordinarily informative an innovative. Thus, not only can we broaden our horizons, but we can also suit ourselves. I strongly believe that there more to blogging than meets the eye.

    4) On the blog we check out and write comments, we communicate, we exchange opinions and enpower our relationships, not only with our classmates, but also with our teacher. I believe that it is significant we write in English because as I said before we want to master and take off our English; so, we ought to make a serious effort to achieve it!!! :-)

  4. To begin with, I have been blogging for nearly three years and I firmly believe that it is to my liking since then. As regards my posts, not only am I provided with the opportunity to write my essays, in order to depict my opinion about ambivalent and pressing issues and to educate the visitors of "Achieving Proficiency", but I also upload both interesting videos and my favourite music ones. Apart from that, I can also create posts concerning grammar theory and book reviews, to name but a few, on the grounds that there is a wide variety of labels. Lastly, some posts on this particular blog constitute our homework.
    Well, it is an undisputed fact that all those blogs have contributed to making me a better learner of English. The pillar of the reasons why is the fact that blogging is an alternative means of education and practice that our teacher has fortunately unearthed. More specifically, blogging has become an indispensable part of my life, because I always opt to blog when I have free time. Subsequently,I brush up on my skills and I obtain useful knowledge, too. Another case in point is that, since technology remarkably evolves, we are offered with extra material for home, so we are stimulated to work harder in order to succeed in achieving Proficiency, which is our goal. Last but not least, blogging has helped me assimilate the vocabulary much easier and broaden my horizons, since actions speak louder than words.
    There is no doubt in my mind that all the blogs that Miss Christina has forged aim to motivate us to express ourselves in English if we want to climb the career ladder, which will lead us to Proficiency. Therefore, in addition to the posts written in English, we exchange comments on every post and we enrich our knowledge. On balance, it is essential we comprehend the significant advantages of blogging and thank our teacher, because but for Miss Christina's initiative, we wouldn't have been armed with such a powerful weapon against not being eligible to be heard internationally.

  5. To begin with, I have been blogging for approximately three years and I will continue it, due to the fact that sometimes it constitutes my only resort in order to escape from my demanding schedule. As for my posts' content, I mostly post my essays about ambiguous issues, so as to be able to share my views with everyone. However, i also take pleasure in posting reviews about movies and books that I have watched and read, while sometimes I feel the need to post songs, videos or even articles that I find interesting and challenging too.
    Now blogging constitutes an indispensable part of my routine, not only because I have to make posts due to my homework, but also because I truly enjoy it. In this way, blogging firmly improves my English skills, since I continuously search for new words, expressions and grammar structures, in order to embellish my posts. Given that, our blog was created for educational reasons, English conquer our blog giving us the opportunity to learn to express ourselves naturally in English.