Sunday, 26 April 2020

Essay unit 6 ( ECPE challenge)

 Opinions are sharply divided over weather the governments' decision of introducing the idea of microchip implants to people would be wise or not. From my point of view, such a scheme could be either useful or hazardous for the people.

 Ideally, the world would be a better place if we all had an implanted chip ID. This would be the perfect solution so that people never have to worry about losing their ID card or stop and check that they have it in their purse or wallet. Unfortunately, the world is an imperfect place with bad people living in it and the introduction of a microchip implanted on everybody would be detrimental whatsoever. That is because the chip has no power source but it contains digital data which can be accessed when the chip is in close proximity to a scanner. In addition, it would not be difficult for criminals to use concealed scanners on a crowded subway train, for instance, to retrieve information on people's chips. Consequently, it would be quite straightforward for them to write their own chip and begin pretending to be you which could possibly result in a disastrous confusion.

 Moreover, these ID card substitutes might seam like a good idea in the present, but the future is unknown. In particular, even though we live in a democratic government now, there is no guarantee that it will last forever. If democracy gives way to dictatorship, the dictator will be delighted that everyone has a chip and all the details are kept on a central computer allowing him/her to manipulate everyone.Furthermore, from an ethical standpoint, monitoring people with RFIDs means treating people as livestock or industrial goods, thereby breaching the right to dignity and privacy they have as human beings. Last but not least, as far as the society is concerned, it would be vulnerable to a great extent. Meaning that, right after the chip implant idea is suggested to the people they are going to be divided into two groups, the supporters and the opponents of the scheme. Ultimately, not only will there be a conflict between them but it will also lead to a disturbance of the societal balance.

 In a nutshell, as I see it, there could be plenty of argumentations regarding the effectiveness of microchip implants in every societyb at the end of the day the drawbacks are always going to outweigh the benefits.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Climate change/ writing unit 8 ECPE Challenge

   The world is certainly getting warmer and no one disputes that. The global warming does not refer to a far-flung future and its impacts are appearing right now. Personally speaking, I maintain that this is such an urgent issue that immediate action should be taken to restore the balance.
   Startling evidence has shown recently that the impact of industrialization on environment over the last decades has been profoundly harmful. It is a fact that greenhouse gases' levels were never so high as today. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and power plants, to name but a few and methane emitted from landfills have increased at an alarming rate. The greenhouse effect results in trapping heat in earth' s atmosphere which affects the world 's ice caps and glaciers making them melt. Low-lying areas are bound to face floodings and population may need to be displaced. Furthermore, although the average precipitation/ rainfalls has increased over the last years, the overheated globe has to deal with fiercer storms and certain areas have already been hit by extensive drought. Thus, farmers will reap smaller harvests, meaning that the prices of foods may spiral upwards.
   Each and every one of us must contribute to protecting the environment. Simple steps, such as purchasing energy efficient devices, recycling properly and turning off the lights when they are not needed, can make the difference. Parents should raise eco-conscious children and foster certain values (you said the same thing with eco-conscious-> such as environmental consciousness) to make youngsters protect the environment which surrounds us. Last, but the most important one is for the state which carries the main burden, not only to take conservationist measures and impose hefty taxes on polluting power plants, but also to launch campaigns to raise people 's awareness and organize talks at schools. The young generation is often said to lack interest in enviromental issues, but as far as I am concerned, I argue that all they need is to be given the chance and the right encouragement from their social environment/ circles/ adults (to avoid the repetition of the word environment).
   To all intents and purposes, it should be reiterated that the climate change affects our lives and something must be done to tackle this challenge. It is a matter of life and death and we must succeed if we want to live a healthy and peaceful life.

Great work Vassilis, as always! 13/15! :-)

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

FOR BEN: Talk is cheap

Practice test Book 2 , prompt 1/ p.42 
 A great deal of controversy surrounds is actions have a tremendous impact on humanity instead of words. There are quite a few different options on this matter if issue whereas it should be considered as guarantee.  There is no doubt in my mind that talk is cheap and it is impossible to be thought as a foundation in order to be built any type of human relationship. 
 There are several reasons why actions are the evidence that relationships should come true. To begin with,  it is popularly believed that upon actions can be the cause of other significant values such as trust , reliability and by extension the so-called love between people. In other words , doing meaningful contributions have a immensely effect in people's temperament on the grounds that they feel that there is an interest of them. Moreover, it is a common belief that a part of majority find it difficult to accept a new person in their life . Apart from they cannot initially believe them they wait to see their actions. A typical example of this is that politicians are always promising to boost the realm of health but when elections finish almost nothing can be true. 
 Advocates of meaningful actions claim that these fully depict a character of a person. As a consequence, it is easy to recognize who has the right qualifications to be accepted in your life . To say something and to do something has completely different meaning - it is not similar . Furthermore, some people maintain that talking can be proved as a useful tool so as to make a friendship easily by introducing each other in a better way. What these people forget is that talking should be considered as a primary means of communication. Under no circumstances is talking powerful weapon to build a real relationship. It is simply a communication. Real relationships can be cast-iron by other values but the main way to can true are actions. 
 Taking everything into account, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that this matter of issue still cause a debate among people.  There are so many aspects and nobody will reach an agreement.  From my perspective,  I firmly believe that actions play a vital role in human nature. Should we based on this , human relationships will totally have a duration at time. 

Saturday, 4 April 2020


"Nowadays, societies worldwide are not homogeneous. In what ways do you think people differ from one another? How can we co-exist and accept difference? Elaborate on your opinion by adding reasons and examples"

     It is an undeniable fact that over the last decades globalization has led people with different cultures , religious or skin color to co-exist in the same place. Thus, it is becoming more and more vital for them to accept diversity and boost tolerance.

     Being tolerant refers to the state which one understands and respects the others' point of view. So grave an issue is this that we do not make unfair judgements without being informed about other people's opinion. Tolerance refers to practices which disapprove of/ are contrary to all kinds of discriminatory behaviour that is to say based on different race, skin color, sexual orientation, age, looks/ appearance or sexism, (comma) to name but a few. People have a social and cultural background, (comma) which is many times profoundly responsible for their behavior/ which this kind of behaviour can be commonly attributed to. These factors (which are these factors?) help them analyze diversity (uncountable) and treat others in a certain politically correct way.

     There are certain steps which should be taken in order to alleviate discriminatory behaviors. To begin with, family, as a pillar of society, plays a main role in shaping children's character. By supporting open-mindedness and acceptance of the different may help the new generation develop skills to fight narrow-mindedness and discriminatory behaviors. In addition, schools and teachers should organise talks and overall foster certain values, (comma) such as equality and tolerance, in their lessons by incorporating special activities. Teachers and school peers exert a great influence on other pupils, meaning that the school environment should employ a distinctive approach in order for children to develop necessary skills. Last but not least, the state carries the main burden of organizing social events and campaigns to promote open-mindedness and condemn discriminatory practices.

     Taking everything into condideration, it is disturbing to think that we fall victims to the different types of discrimination and we stereotype people into categories. We should learn, once and for all, how to be tolerant (refer to the topic) and not to judge books by their cover. 

Well done Vassilis, you did it once again! My comments and additions are only in italics or parentheses this time so that your readers can focus on reading your text with its brilliant explanations as a whole. Some problematic parts in paragraph 2. Gr 3/5, Voc 4/5, Rhet 4/5 --> 11/15 Keep it up! Christina ;-)

Monday, 30 March 2020

Blogging mission and reflection on the current situation

Step 1: Watch this informative video. You can also activate the English subtitles. Notice the vocabulary which is used. 

Step 2: Read these articles and/or other related ones on the web, concerning the recently imposed lockdown and quarantine due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The causes and effects of our current situation could easily be topics of discussion in all the official oral exams in June. 

Suggested reading:

How to Keep Mentally Healthy During a Quarantine (with a quiz for learners of English at the end)

Reflect on this quote, too.

Step 3: Now answer at least two of the following questions in the comment section below or in your own post on this blog. Click on the image to read the questions.

Typo in question number 5: Have your eating habits...?

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Unit 7 writing by Andromahi

In recent years, geneticists have found ways to produce new crops by modifying them in order to eliminate starvation. On the other hand, there are some concerns whether or not the results of promoting these genetically modified (GM) crops is more beneficial than harmful.--> you can put it more clearly and grammatically correctly: there are concerns whether the effects of these genetically modified (GM) crops will be beneficial or not.

On the one hand, COMMA the percentage of famine have has increased dramatically worldwide. Unfortunately, COMMA 795 million people in the world do not have enough/ sufficient/ adequate food to lead a healthy active life. Consequently, COMMA it is crucial to be found for alternative ways to generate food to be found. The achievement of genetic modifications have has succeeded to raise the yield of Argentina, for instance,  to approximately 17 billion kilos only in 10 years. Needless to say that those statistics indicate successfully that GM crops can definitely contribute to win beating the enemy that is called hunger. The main thing priority/ consideration (we need more formal equivalents) is that only if a country has an abundance of products, will poor people have the ability to purchase food in lower prices. A number of them may even manage to be absorbed into the agricultural sector and have/ receive a salary.

Detractors, on the other hand, claim that due to the fact that genetically modified crops is a new practice, (there is nothing accurate) there is little certain data about these seeds' long-term effects and safety of use. It should can be argued that transgenic crops can cause allergic reactions. This is because their genome may contain genes an allergen, thus prompting an allergy to the person who consumes them (a food that prompts an allergy). In addition, COMMA it is believed by some people that GM crops can trigger the development of cancer. It is worth noting that there is no evidence for this. However, the government should ensure safety and set the guidelines.

In the light of the above, COMMA genetically modified crops is a controversial issue. Pros and cons should be undoubtedly taken into account. In practice, COMMA before promoting this scheme globally, COMMA IT is appropriate to conduct more studies/ more research about the effects. Only by in this way can people anticipate a brighter future.


Andromahi, you dealt with a new topic well, but your text could be even better if there were more formal expressions at certain points and fewer grammatical or even spelling errors (look at the corrections in bold). 

Argentina should be mentioned as an example with all the proper linking phrases and explanations. 

The end of paragraph 1 was a little confusing for the reader, too. 

Overall, if certain things are improved, we will reach the desired goal! You are close, Andromahi! Keep trying! Christina πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ’

Friday, 27 March 2020

GM Crops

  Lately there has been much debate about the use of genetic engineering so as to generate genetically modified crops.  It is a truism that (NO COMMA HERE) the intervention (=ανάμΡιξη?) of technology (or even better: technological advances) has provided tremendous opportunities to *enable our life less though/ for people to lead a more comfortable life on this planet. From my perspective, I think that genetically modified crops can make a decisive contribution to *come up against adverse realm facing adversity, several of which becomes evident in malnutrition and economy.

 There are several reasons why genetic engineering can chip in the rising of the economy/ boost or enhance economy. To begin with, it is known that farmers , who are in the bottom of social ladder**,are using this method (subject+verb+object) more and more this method in order for their yields fields to produce oodles of yield. The more the farmers produce ,the more they receive financially. Furthermore,  what production companies really prefer is a great amount of yields in order to *have the highest brands' generation generate/produce large quantities in very low prices . Not only does IS all this process of production be on the rise, but also consumption should occur three times more than usual. Last but not least, genetically modified foods are much more resistant through time. As a consequence, they should be used as materials in stock in case of an emergency.

  Another beneficial advance of genetic engineering is the alleviation of malnutrition***.  It is known that in some non developing nations, there is a huge part of the population who cannot merely make for a living , staying malnourished. Genetically modified foods may be deemed as an ally ti this issue of the poorer families due to the mass production of fundamental goods/ basic necessities. Some people, however, may claim that these methods of production are going to spawn detrimental effects into on the human body causing fatal ailments, COMMA such as cancer. So/ therefore/ consequently (=more formal equivalents of so), it is clear that mortality rates will absolutely increase. However,  in reality what these people forget is that GM (no dash in-between) foods provide the chance of a self- sufficient life. Not only does do GM foods not aim at elevated mortality rates,  but they also endorse people's complete adequacy/ self-sufficiency/ independence.

 Taking everything into account ,the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that the advance of genetic engineering has been crucial to humanity. But for it, percentages of shortages would be high and wounds' of whole world remain at the bottom (UNCLEAR HERE- don't think in Greek!) . To my mind , if we let technology interfere completely in some fields/ if technology is put into good use, then the future will probably/ definitely/certainly seem brighter.

*If you translate these parts of the sentence in Greek, will they make sense? 
** Please avoid statements such as this one- they are unnecessary and politically incorrect. 
*** This should be your first argument in paragraph two, in my opinion, as it is the most important one.

Charalambos, I totally appreciate your attempt at elaborating on a very difficult topic we have not discussed in class yet. There are certainly areas that need more improvement (vocabulary used incorrectly, some grammatical errors, some unclear sentences), but I can see you are trying, which makes all the difference! If you have written this essay on your notebook too, you can copy my corrections and let me know which parts you found confusing. You are very close to passing! We can do this, adults' team! Christina πŸ’ŸπŸ˜ŽπŸ’ͺ

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Genetically modified crops

     It is a truism that over the past decades the earth' s population has increased dramatically. There has been heated controversy between proponents of genetically modified crops and detractors of transgenic foods (or: detractors of them- save the useful paraphrase for later) about whether it is reprehensible to adopt such a method. Personally speaking, I think that it is a moot point and we should shed some light on it/ some light should be shed on it- use the passive preferably.
     A sound argument in favor of genetically modified crops is that it is a significant means to tackle the world hunger. It is evident that many  people the world over suffer from malnutrition. By developing transgenic foods may lead to alleviate these problems. Furthermore, advocates of transgenic foods claim that crops are bound to give better yields resulting in low prices which will be beneficial for the consumers globally/the world over. Another point that they adduce is that genetically modified plants enable farmers to use powerful pesticides in order to protect their fields from unwanted weeds, meaning that their workload and expenses will diminish.
     On the other hand, opponents of transgenic foods argue that this phenomenon may result in many thorny issues which should be taken into account. First off, some people are profoundly convinced that consuming genetically modified foods may trigger health issues. Not only is the scientific research about these plants poor, but also there are already concerns from scientists who suggest that there are more to it than meets the eye. Moreover, there are those who believe that tampering with the DNA of organisms is not in the right direction. In other words, it is maintained that such a practise goes beyond the ethical boundaries and humankind is surpassing limits beyond their nature. Another point (unnecessary: of others) is that the root of the problem is not the amount of the yields but the fact that the majority of people who starve cannot afford to buy foods. That is to say, COMMA they urge the state to find different ways to address the world hunger, as giving incentives to young people to cultivate land and support them financially.
     By a way of conclusion, it should be reiterated that adopting genetically modified crops is a profoundly debatable issue and all aspects should be taken into consideration. It is a matter of life and death and we must be tentative in our judgements. I am totally  convinced that the state should fund scientists to conduct experiments and provide scientific results. Thus, they will enable us to choose wisely the best solution wisely. (verb+object+ adverb of manner)

Vassilis, wow! That is an amazing piece of writing on a topic we hardly had  any time to discuss! Also, the way you handled the issue was very clever and at no point did it confuse the reader, which is a feat in its own right.

Well done and keep up the effort! 

Grammar 4/5
Vocabulary 4/5-- possibly 5/5
Rhetoric 5/5

Total score: 13/15 at the very least! Christina πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ😊

Monday, 23 March 2020

Essay on microchips

 A great deal of controversy surrounds the insertion of microchips under people's body. More and more people tend to support the use of microchip on the grounds that in today's modernized society everybody should follow this innovative role model. From my perspective,  I believe that microchips are such a devastate tool that it is capable of changing humanity life.
 It is known the fact that everyone is under consideration of implanted microchips. There are several reasons why microchips are going to affect in a negative way life. First of all,  it is vital need to highlight that humanity have some fundamental rights struggling too hard to assert and protect them in a very tough way . One of them is freedom, which it will easily be eroded if microchips are inserted.  Not only will personal information  have been  record but also the authorities will spot trails in no time by using GPS setting. Therefore, there is no freedom for nobody. Moreover,  microchips is going to humiliate life . In some cases people are told to obey states' orders and not allowing them to do their personal preferences.
  Everyone should bare in mind that it is important for people to align with novel facts of life because world is getting modernized very quickly.  When it comes to deal with these situations such as using microchips for a life ,it is of primary importance to be used critical thinking.  There are  few people who have wondered if microchips are a tremendous alarm for human health care. Noone could promise that inserting these, no other substances will not be injected.  If possible,  people will face detrimental  ailments such as skin's cancer . Last but not least,  microchips are produced by laboratories, thus, it is bound that human immune system could probably reject it.
 Taking everything into account, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that microchips may not be the ideal solution monitoring people's activities in order to create a cohesion. In my mind , I believe that microchips will spawn harmful consequences to people and noone could not sharply react to this.

--------- Here are some suggested corrections:

 A great deal of controversy surrounds the insertion of microchips into people's body. More and more people tend to support the use of microchip on the grounds that in today's modernized society everybody should adopt this innovative practice. From my perspective,  I believe that microchips are such a devastating tool that it is capable of changing human life/ humanity forever.

 It is a well-known fact that everyone is under consideration for implanted microchips. There are several reasons why microchips are going to affect life negatively. First of all,  it is vital need to highlight that all individuals have some fundamental rights which they are struggling too hard to assert and protect passionately . One of them is freedom, which it will easily be eroded if microchips are inserted.  Not only will personal information  be constantly recorded, but also the authorities will spot trails of everybody's daily activity in no time by using the  GPS tracking system setting. Therefore, there is no freedom for nobody. Moreover,  microchips are going to humiliate life . In some cases people are told to obey the state's orders which will not allow them to pursue their dreams and goals. (this is a little unclear here- will the state control people through the microchips?)

  Everyone should bear in mind that it is important for people to align with novel technologies because the world is getting modernized/ is progressing very quickly.  When it comes to dealing with these situations, COMMA such as using microchips for life ,it is of primary importance to employ (=use) critical thinking.  There are  few people who have wondered if microchips are a tremendous risk/ hazard/ peril for human health care. No-one can promise that when inserting these, no other substances will not be injected or no other complications will occur.  (never a double negative, remember?)In the worst-case scenario,  people may face detrimental  ailments/ fatal conditions, such as skin's cancer . Last but not least,  microchips are produced by laboratories; SEMI COLON HERE thus, it is bound that the human immune system could probably reject them.

 Taking everything into account, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that microchips may not be the ideal solution since they will bring about the incessant/ constant monitoring of people's activities in order to create a cohesion. In my mind , I believe that microchips will spawn harmful consequences to people and no-one could not sharply react to this. ,which cannot easily be denied nor embraced.

That is one more good effort Charalambos! Grammar is getting constantly better!

Be careful with overusing opinion phrases: To my mind, I believe, From my perspective, I think are used separately, not in combination.

Also, pay attention to the unclear part at the end of paragraph 2. What do you mean by that? Remember that when you confuse the reader or go off topic, marks may be removed!

I loved the use of certain advanced expressions, such as 'it is bound that'. You can do it, blogger! Keep writing and reflecting on the comments! Christina πŸ’ͺπŸ’—πŸ˜

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