Saturday, 30 January 2016

Death penalty

          Capital punishment is being used for serious crimes in many countries such as, the USA, China, the Phillipines and Iran. Some people believe that is a retribution to the offenders, but others say that is the ultimate punishment and it is unfair for the criminals. Personally, I think that it is an ambivalent issue and many parameters should be considered to make a final decision.
            First of all, as a large number of people claim, the death penalty is what a doer of serious crimes, for example, terrorism, homicide or arson deserve. They took a life, so their life should be taken too. Furthermore, advocates of capital punishment insist that without the death penalty as a deterrent, more lives will be lost because the murder rate will go up. Therefore, if the issue is saving lives, we ought to have capital punishment, even if a few innocent people lose their lives. In addition, this punishment may satisfy the family of the victim.
             On the other side, opponents of this view say that is the worst punishment which violates the right to life. Moreover, it cannot be used as a deterrent because countries where this ultimate punishment is approved, have a bigger murder rate than those who do not. The real purpose of all the punishments is penal, so the criminals can understand their mistake. What is more, opponents of capital punishment say that as the death row increasing the convicted people have to wait for years until they finally be executed. As a result of this, they may suffer from psychological problems.
            Taking everything into consideration, I believe that this issue has significant advantages, but also important disadvantages. As I see it, the best option is to develop a better judicial system in which the death penalty will be approved only with the confirmation of the Minister of Justice for very serious crimes such as, massive terrorist attacks.

Music piracy

         Nowadays, a debate has been going on whether people should pirate CDs or not. Some people say that as music develops it becomes much more expensive to buy songs from the internet or CDs from a shop, so they turn to the cheaper option which is pirate music. Others say that people who pirate CDs should get a stiff punishment because companies do not have money and they bankrupt or fire people from their staff. Every coin has two sides and so does this problem.
         First of all, every day new types of music are formed and developed. These types become popular mostly because of famous websites where you can find music or any other videos you want, for example, youtube. As technology is improved new sites are created on the internet in order to download onto your laptop, mobile, tablet etc. songs you really like. This is how pirate music works. The supporters of it, say that it is one of the best things technology made because it is free and quick. Moreover, they claim that music companies can make profit from the fans of a musician or singer when the cd is released.
        On the other side, it is unfair for some people who do not have this kind of electronic machines maybe they do not have the money to buy a computer or a laptop. Others say that it is unfair for employees of music companies. Music companies cannot make profit. As a result they choose to close or fire some staff. As a consequence, the list of unemployment is continuosly increasing. Another consequence is that, as music companies close the music industry also loses profit.
        Taking everything into consideration, I believe that people who pirate CDs should be punished, but also music should be cheaper for those who cannot afford this extra cost. Also, we should all help people who are fired from their job or we should at least prevent it with anyway.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Private schools

              There has been a heated debate on whether private schools provide better education than public schools or other types of education. Some people believe that all children should go to private schools but others are against it. Every coin has two sides and so does private schools.
               First of all, the education which is provided by private schools is known as the best for some people. As they think that private schools' teachers have a variety of knowledge. Moreover, private schools offer students the choice of activities that they can do after the lesson, like drama, foreign languages or sports. In most private schools students first have to pass some exams in order to get into the school. This provides safety to the parents who think that it is a great choice so their children will be with intelligent students who passed the test. Last but not least, most private schools have increased fees. Some parents believe that this happens because of the teachers' educational skills.
               On the other side, public schools can provide a better education. Teachers are not only skillful in private but also in public schools. That's why a large amount of people seem to prefer it. Furthermore, most parents don't have the money to pay the school's fees so they turn to the cheaper choice - public schools. Many teachers in public schools take the initiative to help their students with foreign languages, such as French or German in order to pass the exams. Other teachers take the initiative to have some after-school courses for students who don't do well on some subjects, like maths, history or science.
                Taking everything into consideration, I firmly believe that the advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages. Also, I believe that the same education which is provided in private schools can be also provided much better in public schools.

Saturday, 19 December 2015


                More and more people are deciding to switch to vegetarianism. Recent estimates suggest that is a healthier lifestyle. This alternative diet is particularly popular with younger generations. Although there are some tremendous benefits to being a vegetarian, no one would deny that there are also some serious drawbacks. Every coin has two sides and so does vegetarianism.
                 First of all, undoubtedly vegetables are very healthy and give you a huge variety of building blocks for our organism, such as proteins, iron and vitamins. Most people adopt this kind of nutrition because they are against the violation of animal rights. As they say, animals have a soul and they are living beings. Some others think that is the ideal diet as they consume lots of vegetables. Moreover, scientists say that vegetarians are 40% less likely to develop cancer or heart diseases than those who consume meat. Another benefit is that some vegetarians may become slimmer as they consume low levels of cholesterol. 
                  On the other side, some people say that a vegetarian diet is unnatural, as we have the teeth to eat meat and the enzymes to digest it so we were born to be omnivores and not herbivores. The biggest problem must be for vegans who do not consume any meat or materials coming from, animals and leather products. As a result, some of them may may have lack of iron or vitamins unless they take some vitamin supplements. Furthermore, another big issue about vegetarianism are people who are not aware of vegetarian diets and whose organisms are not used to it. Doctors say that is very difficult for the body to absorb iron from vegetables that in meat. Last but not least, people who are against vegetarianism believe that switching to a vegetarian diet would also involve sacrificing the pleasure of eating things like steaks, pork chops and beef burgers, but also vegetarian snacks can be hard to find in some places.
                     Taking everything into consideration, I firmly believe that the best choice is to cut down on meat and include more vegetables in their diet so they absorb both vitamins, proteins and other blocking blocks who are vital for our health.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Pop and rock music

                  For some time now, a debate has been going on about whether pop and rock music exert harmful influence on adolescents and whether they should be banned.
                   To begin with, one of the reasons why music is important for young people is that teenagers are trying to explore the new world of adulthood through music. They choose songs whose lyrics can express the problems that they have in their everyday life. Furthermore, music and especially pop and rock music is one of the most famous and accessible to all people. Teenagers see the singers and musicians as the perfect idol, so they become familiar with them. Except from this, most of pop and rock songs convey very positive messages about the world around us and people's mentality, which help them form their identity. Also, listening to pop and rock music helps them become familiar with literature, as many songs of these types of music are based on poetry turned into music.
                    Secondly, another beneficial influence of music is that is an outstanding way to relax. In recent years, young people's lives have been dominated by an increasingly hectic schedule and it has become more and more difficult for them to relax. By listening to music, they are free to relax, they can easily fall asleep and also they can express their feelings because most of songs seem to ease their pain that they may feel because of the identify crisis. Lat but not least, music is worldwide used as the best entertainment. If you go to a cafe or shopping, you will listen to music in the shops so their outing may be more entertaining and interesting.
                     Taking everything into consideration, I firmly believe that music should not be banned and neither the versions of it. Pop and rock songs convey very positive messages that might contribute to making the world a better place. Also, music helps adolescents to form and strengthen their character.