Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Descriptive/Narrative Essay About Fear

Everyone is endowed with experiences that induce fear and the daunting time I had while I was enjoying the ebb and flow of the tranquil sea in conjunction with the entrancing full moon, last August, proves I am no exception. Since sitting under sky illuminated by the light of both twinkling star and the moon, and listening to my favorite kind of music are to my liking, I ventured out to the closest beach to my village, in order to relax.

However, that all changed when I realised that I was not alone with my very thoughts, since an uncomfortable premonition of someone staring at me pervaded my senses. Therefore, I turned around and I saw a tall, well-built, almost thirty-five-year-old  man standing a few meters behinds me. At first, I did not react, but as soon as I heard him getting closer, I could hear my heart thump; so, I moved briskly. After a few minutes, he commenced mumbling and I trembled with apprehension when I thought about what might happen next. So, I stood up and I ran as fast s my legs could carry me, especially when I understood that he was following me.

All of a sudden, not only did my phone ring, but I also stumbled over the rugged terrain and I hit the ground. I immediately rose up, answered the phone and put my father into the picture. Petrified as he was, he assured that he was soon going to put an end to everything. Just then, the intimidating man reached me, managed to stop me and I found myself pleading with him not to hurt me. To my sheer amazement, though, he laughed and explained to me that the only thing he wanted to do was return a ring, which my absentminded mother had lost in this tavern earlier that evening. I thanked God and only after he clarified everything to my horrified parents, did we derive much pleasure from the breath-taking scenery. 

In a nutshell, although I have had no desire whatsoever to worship nature all alone since then, I perceived that F.E.A.R. only stands for either Forgetting Everything And Running, or Facing Everything And Rising. So, for the foreseeable future, I intend to pursue the latter. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Make you feel my love-Adele

An amazing song with touching and motivational lyrics which has literally reached a peak thanks to Adele's magical voice.

Speaking Questions- Stage 1

1) What is your neighborhood like?
First of all, I live two minutes from my English school. My neighborhood is not picturesque or attractive because there is not enough greenery and I cannot say that is isolated from the city's life because it is close to a busy avenue. On the other hand, I live in a convenient place because my school and the city centre are a fifteen-minute walk from here. Furthermore, close to my neighborhood there are supermarkets, grocery stores, cafes and generally stores that my family needs and places to chill out.

2) Do you have a large family?
In my family there are the three of us. My mother (Kalliopi) who is a teacher at a primary school,my father (George) who is a German teacher and me a 14-year-old girl who goes to Junior-High School. I also have a female dog (Candy). We have our arguments like every family does, but generally we get on well with each other.

3) What's your school like?
In my opinion, I think my school has a lack of facilities even though there is enough space. For example, we do not have science labs so we must do our experiments in the classroom and our gym and classrooms are not fully-equipped. However, the teachers are really nice and even though the building circumstances are unbearable we have a great time during the lesson.

4) How much free time do you have?
Nowadays I am focusing mostly on studing English. But, I always find some time to chill out or hang out with friends or go to my village.

5) What do you like doing in your spare time?
To begin with, I am keen on dancing and music. I practice dancing four times a week and I like listening to pop music and singing karaoke. I also play the guitar. One thing that I am really crazy about is reading books. I prefer English books because not only do I get away from the boring reality, but I also learn new vocabulary. Also, it is different to read a book in the languuage it had been written because the translation changes the book a little bit.

6) What is your school like? Are you happy with the education you get at your school? Do you look forward to going back to school when your holidays come to an end?
Well, I think my school, even though it has enough space, is provided with a few facilities. We do not have laboratories at all and a not fully-equipped computer room, gym and classrooms. As for the education I get at my school, I am very satisfied. There are expert teachers with valuable knowledge and a perfect character. The building may be in an awful condition, but the education is really good. Finally, I am looking forward to going back to school after the holidays because not only is it essential to improve our knowledge, but we also meet our friends again.

7) How long have you been studying English? Has it been enjoyable learning English? How useful will it be in the future?
First of all, I have been studying English for about 6 years. It is enjoyable learning this language, but a little bit difficult, too. English, and generally learning a new language, helps us to broaden our horizons and gain valuable information. Since English is a global language, it would be extremely useful for me in the future. It will help me to communicate with people in other countries if I travel and live abroad.

8) Do you have any ambitions? What would you like to be doing in ten years time? How easy or hard will it be to achieve these ambitions?
Firstly, I hope I succesfully graduate from High School and go to the University. In the future I'd really like to become a teacher, maybe a philologist. I think that being a teacher is exciting because you provide students with valuable knowledge. I think that I've got what it takes because I am good at theoretical lessons and remembering dates and history events. In ten years time, I hope that I will have finished my studies. Moreover, I would like to travel, find a job and create a family. Maybe it will be hard to achieve all these, but I will look on the bright side.

The Little Prince

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Single-parent families

Nowadays, the number of children growing up in single-parent families is constantly rising given that the percentage of single-parent households has peaked at 16% internationally. In fact, the findings of numerous studies suggest that the cudostial parent is most commonly the mother. As regards the reasons for a single-parent family, they can be attributed to divorce, death of one spouse, adoption by a financially secure parent and artificial pregnancy. Hence, what problems does this contemporary trend unearth and are there any steps that should be taken to alleviate the situation? 

There is a wide variety of problems that children of solo parents may encounter. First and foremost, it is essential every child have two role models in order to comprehend the behavior of both sexes. if not, the child may not be prepared to assimilate into society properly and may feel extraneous. Secondly, it is a fact of modern life that women are professionally occupied and since a hectic schedule dominates every employee's life, the more a parent works, the more difficult it is to supervize their offspring. More specifically, the two aforementioned problems may result in the psychological deviance of the child raised in a single-parent family. That is, depression, loneliness, alienation and isolation might arise, not only if the child is devoid of love and affection from its parent, but also if it faces the cruelty of individuals of the same age. 

The burden of responsibility, however, lies in the hands of single parents, who are in need of special qualities to help children overcome those problems. Firstly, every parent should be understanding and compassionate, and should have the proclivity to spend quality time with their children,for instance, spend all Sunday exploring interesting parts of the city, or helping with the homework on an everyday basis. Another case in point is that both constant discussion between the members of the family and consulting a child-psychologist could contribute to annihilating psychological problems, on the grounds that the child will dispose of adverse and subliminal feelings. Last but not last, the child itself should resort to relatives, who will exhibit the conduct of the sex of the absent parent.

On balance, there is no doubt in my mind hat so many a child will be raised in single-parent families in the future. So, were single-parents to be more responsible and take action, their progeny would be just as jubilant as the children of traditional families. 

Friday, 28 August 2015


In recent years, the size of global population is constantly rising given that startling evince has come to light indicating that the birth rate, that is, the percentage of children born per woman, has peaked in countries, such as Africa, at the percentage of 7.34, whereas the world average is 2.58. Hence, opinions are sharply divided over whether the government should take steps to alleviate the phenomenon of the increasing universal population. 

There are many significant reasons why overpopulation should be tackled. First and foremost, not only will people be malnourished if the population is overwhelming, since there will be food shortages, but a one-time bonanza of fossil fuels (: oil, natural gas and coal) and highly concentrated minerals will also be depleted. Thereby, global warming and famine will be aggravated. Moreover, the fluctuation of demand and supply will continue to expand; subsequently, the prices of goods and services will be extremely high and so will the cost of living. Last but not least, unemployment is to rise, resulting n the stagnation of economy. Nevertheless, how can we remedy this mammoth problem in order to avert catastrophe? 

Having overshot the Earth's capacity to sustain our current numbers, we should not resort to inhumane measures, which would infringe on people's right to create a family.That is, the government should abstain from imposing population control to reduce the birth rates, unlike China, whose President introduced a one child per family policy. So, the most sensible step for the ruling Parties to take could be to provide families with financial incentives, for instance grans, tax cuts, or benefits, so as not to have a large family, at leas. lastly, were the government to launch a campaign to raise awareness on the seriousness of the situation, the birth rates would be curbed. 

On balance, there is no doubt in my mind that overpopulation poses and is going to pose one of the most pressing issues that mankind has to harness. However, how hopeful can we be about the future? In other words, will it be mandatory to take action, and if all governments do take steps , will people comply? 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Star :)

I adore this song.Enjoy it!:) Here are the lyrics:


Tell me if you got a problem
Tell me if it's in your way
Tell me if there's something bothering you
Tell me, what should I say
You know I'd do almost anything
You know I'd change the world
You know I'd do almost anything
For my little girl

Tell me if you got a problem
Tell me now what's inside
Show me if you broke your heartstrings
You know you never need to hide
You know I'd do almost anything
You know I'd paint the sky
You know I'd do almost anything
For you, my guiding light

You're my star, shining on me now
A love from worlds apart, I need for you
You are my shining star, my star
A love from world's apart, I need for you
You are my shining star

Once upon a time a memory
Once upon a time a girl
Once upon a time a perfect life
Once upon a perfect world
You know I'd do almost anything
For you, my guiding light
You know I'd do almost everything
To keep you in my life

You're my star, shining on me now
A love from worlds apart, I need for you
You are my shining star, my star
A love from world's apart, I need for you
You are my shining star

Just a memory
Every dream is of you and me
If I wish upon a star
Well, I hope that's where you are
When heavens turn
You know you'll shine you're in my heart for all time
When heaven turns
You know you'll shine in worlds apart

'Cause yeah, you are my star
Shining on me now
A love from world's apart, I need for you
You are my shining star, my star
A love from world's apart, I need for you
You are my shining star
Shining on me now
A love from world's apart, I need for you
You are the shining star, my star
A love from world's apart, I need for you
You are my shining star

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