Tuesday, 5 October 2010

'The Island' and my comments

1) One of the ringleaders spotted the old man getting into his boat and addressed him aggressively.
'Where do you think you 're going?'
'I'm going across to collect the doctor,' he answered.
'What doctor?'
'One of the doctors who works over there,' answered Giorgis.
'What good can doctors do for lepers?' the ringleader sneered, playing to the crowd.
As the crowd laughed and jeered, Giorgis pushed his boat away from the quay. His whole body quaked with fear and his hand trembled violently on the tiller. The little boat fought hard against the choppy sea, and never had the journey seemed longer. From some way off he could see the dark silhouette of Kyritsis, and eventually he was bringing the boat close to the stony wall.
The doctor did not bother to tie the boat up, but instead climbed straight in. In the half-light, he could hardly see Giorgi's face under his hat, but the old man's voice was unusually audible.
'Dr kyritsis,' he almost choked,'there's a crowd over there. I think they're planning to attack Spinalonga!'
'What do you mean?'
'Hundreds of them have arrived. I don't know where from, but they're getting some boats together and they've got cans of petrol. They could be on their way any time now.'

This extract informs us about the villagers' plan to destroy the island of Spinaloga with all its inhabitants. Giorgis is trying to save the doctor of Spinaloga, Dr Kyritsis. He's getting on his boat and he is shouting to the doctor , trying to explain and warn him about the unfair plan .

The biased villagers had decided to burn the island , showing discriminatory behaviour against  leprosy.  The supposed reason for this action was that these people were dangerous , even for the healthy people , although some of them were compeletely  unblemished and the disease was not so easily contagious to other people .However , Georgis , whose family had two members who had come down with leprosy , didn't belong to that group of prejudiced villagers and tried to warn them about the danger that was coming. He showed no hostility against them, proving his egalitarian manners ...

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