Monday, 8 November 2010

Well testerday we had a very interesting experience.We talked with people from Serbian, especially from the university of Serbian.Τhey liked our blog and so they wanted to talk with us.I was very happy about that. Moreover i want to say thank you to Serbian people who gave us this experience.

Thank you everyone and I hope to talk to you again!Bye!!


  1. I really appreciate your teacher's efforts and your very kind words concerning the event.
    Namely, I think with the wealth of materials and resources that is offered on the Web we can all surprise each other in the number of sessions and in the quality of its presentations and content as well. I would be more than glad to invite all of you on our next sessions, be it about literature or simply a discussion on Teaching English, surely it can only create a better atmosphere to have kind people from abroad.
    Teacher B.

  2. You are right, we can work online miracles together! We will attend one of your sessions soon enough and, why not, organise ours, as well. Thank you for offering us this opportunity!