Thursday, 24 March 2011

Complaining; my letter

Dear Sir/ Madam 

I am writing to express how disappointed I am with tttttthe fast food restaurant Benny's, in which I went on the sixth of December with acouple of friends.I am in the position to claim that neither the meal nor the behaviour of the personnel came up to my expectations.
That night I had been searching for an intering place to celebrate my Name Day with some friends. While I was checking my mail, I discovered a leaflet, regarding a new fast - food resturant, Benny's right at the city centre. ''Competitive prices and tremenously tasty food are offered, I read, ''You are going to be shocked''. I decided to give it a try.
The first impression I had, with four waiters smoking all together and swearing was rather disgusting. We took a seat waiting for somebody to take our orders. Imagine our surprise when we realised that these four waiters acted like they had never seen us. Finally, I forced to shout at one of them...After waiting for half an hour to have our orders brought to us,we found out that the ''tremendously tasty food'' was nothing more than a fib. Undercooked beef, asalad with no oil but vinengar instead and a weird orange spice in the burger, all added up to a dreadful food experience. At least we were pleased with the strawberry pie , our dessert.
Additionally, some misunderstandings with the personnel occured, especially with that middle- aged man who was extremely impolite. He reccomended we complain to the directors of the company, not to him and tried to justify himself by saying it was his first year at ths position. Then he went on playing cards with a tainee, undoubtedly a compulsive punter. After staring at the staff, we sussed that it consisted of ten untrained people, who seemed unwilling and unpleased with the job. The dirty toilets with no soap confirmed this assumption.
Having had this atrocious experience, I thoght it would be wise If you avoid such icidents in the future. I  would strongly urge you to check the food companies you are getting supplies from as well as to motivate and train the stuff, using clever methods.( Higher salaries and proper supervising would persuade the stuff to work more efficient.)
At the very last, I anticipate a substantial refund, because made me pay 50euros for the serviceand I suppose it woul be better to check the information of your leaflets.

Yours faithfully
Nick Remigiakis

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