Sunday, 26 June 2011


-Proposal to improve the appearance and the facilities of a department store

  I woyld like to put forward the following proposal , which I claim woyld help to attract more visitors to the department store.
  This area has a vast number of baneficial aspects;however they are not take into account. I reccomend that we could invite some famous people or designers so visitors will have a motive to come.In addition fashion shows, woyld be done. Last , holiday events, I feel strongly that they will attract people and will offer money to the department store.
Problems and improving amenities
 First of all, some changes shoyld be made. With regards to the interior, it is a fact that more changing rooms must exist. Moreover, knoledgable staff will be useful. That means staff with good communication skills and good customer service. Regarding to the departments , in general, there is also a variety of improvements, which can be done. To begin with, we should consider the lighting as it has to be comfortable. A variety of choices, will give us the opportunity for more and more costomers, all the time. What is more, the name has to be seen; sections could be clearly laded. Last but not least , toilets and stairs must be seen also. Considering the exterior, there is massive potatial. In the first place, windows displays must exist, due to the fact this represents of the stores. Sales will help people, to purchage tremendous amounts of clothing. Furthermore, it woyld be worthwile developing effective colour scheme, as it will catch peoples' attention. Another possibility might be to have lighting in the night. This would allow people to see windows displays and it in the night,  while they are walking.
  This proposal will involve substantial initial expenditure. However, the icome will very softly offset this.I therefore trust you will give my proposal your full consideration.