Sunday, 3 July 2011

A day I will never forget!!!!

It was the last day of my Panhellenic Exams in 2005, about 6 years ago. After an entire academic year full of stress, anxiety for our future and a lot of studying, it was time for all students to relax. So all of my classmates, about 20 people, took a bus and went to the closest beach to Heraklion.

As soon as we got off the bus we run towards the sea. We threw our bags to the sun loungers and we started playing water games; a kind of water polo, diving etc. Something special that I notices was that although I had been in touch with all of them everyday, I can hardly remember each one of them to be so happy, excited and free of responsibilities.

When the sunset started, we sat in a wide circe, playing the guitar and singing. During the songs the boys were trying to light a fire. Unfortunatelly, we had an unpleasant moment with the fire. Some people, who were living nearby called the police. A police officer arrived there and he asked us to put out the fire because it was a public beach and what we were doing was illegal. We could do nothing else but obey to the rules.

About eleven o'clock we picked up our things and unfortunatelly it was time to catch the bus and go back home. I think I will remember that day for my whole life as the last day that all of us gathered and had such a wonderful time. I hope that through the years we will manage to meet again.

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