Monday, 18 July 2011

A letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I decided to write this letter, because I am really concerned about all these problems our country faces. I believe that you are trying to do your best so as for the country to emerge from the economic crisis but I do not believe that you find the most effective ways to succeed in this. I am going to present you with two of the most serious problems that Greece should deal with and also some ways that this should be done.

As far as I am concerned, the most serious problem that you should address immediately is the diminishing state funds. At the moment, you are trying to reduce all the expenses, such as funds to hospitals but you also force people to pay enormous taxes to the Ministry of Finance. I totally agree with the minimization of the outlays, but how can an unemployed person pay all the increasing taxes? I believe that the most effective solution would be to set up a graded tax system depending on the savings of each individual. For example a wealthy person should pay a higher amount of money than an unemployed person.

The second problem that you should deal with is to apply justice to all politicians that caused all this harm to our country. Well-known politicians’ names acquired publicity vecause of extracting millions of euros from the States Funds so as to buy expensive vessels, go on
lavish trips with their entire family receiving no legal punishment. But what would happen if ordinary residents of our country cannot afford to pay their taxes? They would suffer from eviction or be sentenced to years of prison simply because of a few hundred euros they would owe. As a result of this discrimination, all people are indignant; they try to stand up for their rights and have an equal treatment with everybody.

Even if you managed to these two serious problems, I remain certain that you would have one more ‘problem’ to cope with in this hazardous situation; all of us!

Yours faithfully,

Eleni Lagoudaki


  1. Go go go girl! Say more; your voice needs to be heard!!!

    That was a good start with formal writing!

  2. I agree with you eleni!!!! As Mrs.Christina said let's hope that your voice will be heard!