Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mobile phones

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phone?

Mobile phones have entered our lives and they are commonly used (properly- not necessary) by everyone, no matter the age. Nowadays, with all the technological development, cell phones are not used only for phone calls, but also as cameras, as GPS, as computers, to name but a few. We could say that they are the extension of our hand. But has all this massive use a positive or negative effect on us?

Beginning with the beneficial effects, I believe that the most important one is that we can get in touch with our family and friends any time we want, (but also-not needed) no matter (use synonyms, do not repeat, e.g. regardless of) where we are. This is more important for parents who have young children and they are constantly worried about them. In addition, we can get amused by using some applications. There have been a lot of games on mobile phones that can easily make you addicted to them/ be addictive. Moreover, a mobile phone can be helping you to examine yourself. Lately, some programmes specially for cell phones can check your blood pressure or whether you have diabetes. Although this seems so unreal, it can happen if you adapt  a USB device to the cell phone which is afterwards placed on a specific part of the body. After this action (subsequently), the results appear on the screen of the phone.

But there are also many disastrous consequences on the users of (synonyms!) a mobile phone. First of all, a continuous use of cell phones can cause problems to mental faculty. All this radiation that the phone emits might cause damage to the brain that can be irreparable. In addition, most of us (also- not needed) use the phone while we are driving. This distracts us from the road and we cause accidents. According to the traffic police, most of the car accidents are caused because of mobile phones (this- to avoid repetition). Moreover, young people can easily cope with any new technological breakthroughs. But what happens with the elderly people? Although a mobile phone is an absolutely necessary device, they are not able to use it because it is really complex. Probably, they (who exactly? :-) should supply the market,(unnecessary commas!) with some phones that can be easily used by everyone (friendly to the user), and also do not cost a fortune.

According to all the above/ to summarize, we realize that every technological breakthrough, such as mobile phones, have both positive and negative effects (no comma) and (that) we can choose how much they will affect us.


  1. Once more I cannot find any time so as to write it on paper!! So I post it on the blog!!! Ah, Christinaaa check out!! I also put a label on it!!!!!!

  2. Post ready and corrected! :) I am very impressed Helen by all your willingness and home study, but be very careful with the spelling and correct use of words. Also try not to repeat them throughout your writing; instead, use synonyms or derivatives and try to incorporate more advanced grammatical phenomena.

    What am I saying? You know all these things! :-) See you soon!