Friday, 26 August 2011

Word lists...

Law vocabulary                             

jury=ενορκοι judge=δικαστης lawyer-δικηγορος court=δικαστηριο juror=ο ενας ενορκος


wealthy peniless well off bad off poverty stricken prosperous loaded tight-fisted broke=skint affluent penny-pinching hard-up income outgoings expenditure easy money be in the money money talks money doesn't grow on trees grant expenses rent tax profit mortgage salary pension inheritance fine tip afford wages finances withdrawal 

newspaper, magazine, the press, article, feature, editorial, educational programme, reporter, journalist, editor, readers, circulation, advetisements, radio, television, channel, broadcast, programme, show, documentary, series, soap opera, newsreader, presenter, listeners, viewers, viewing figyres, commercials

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