Friday, 2 September 2011

Vocabulary calendar 3!!!

1. The incessant rain, made me sad and not want to go anywhere.
2.  The photographs he gave me were blurry.
3. He tried to get used to the accelarated courses.
4. My cousin is an only child and he hasn't got any siblings.
5. There is increased tax evasion nowadays , as people don't want to pay taxes any more.
6. The jagged pieces of glass were all over the floor.
7. The wobbly table fell down at the end.
8.  People who lead sedentary lives are not taking (do not take) exercise at all.
9. They had mutual respect for each other.
10. I couldn't hear him at all, as he was mumbling.
11.In the realm of life science, we can obsereve the different natural habitats.
12. This problem calls for an immediate solution.
13. Parents always transmit their knowledge to their children.
14. Don't take him apart. You are not better than him.
15. He is resentful of his sister, as she has stolen his new mobile phone.
16. Her cousin was a mediocre actor.
17. In the foreground of this photo, we can see Jim and in the background there is a mountain.
18. Since I have been to Paris, I have indelible memories which I will never forget.
19. His life intersected with Mary's so forcefully that they are getting married next month.
20. He bidded the time to tell his brother the truth.
21. I finally succumbed to the temptation of eating chocolate.
22. It is true that my mother is receptive to new ideas.
23. In their vacations,they stayed in a luxurious hotel.
24.Many countries decided to have a peace treaty.
25. He spoke on behalf of his family.
26.Elenalda was exceedingly brave, as she told him that she wanted to break up with him after 10 years of being together.
27. Our teacher picked me out to answer the question, as I was the best student in the class.
28.The suspesion bridge will be a  good idea if we want to link the two cities.
29. She hated younger women who were in their prime, as she was an elderly person.
30. Parents try to nurture their children's good manners.


  1. Very nice and difficult words. Wow!

  2. Corrected, Helen! Apart from some careless mistakes I am sure you are aware of, the rest of sentences were amazing! Well done, dear! :-)

  3. Thank you... Ok I will be more aware the next time...