Thursday, 20 October 2011

October Vocabulary Calendar!

  1. Despite the economic crisis, he applied a viable plan to his company. As a result, his company is flourishing and he is branded as the most prudent entrepreneur of the year.
  2. When you are shopping around, you must always wear practical shoes. Otherwise, your feet are going to swell.
  3. As soon as she got out of the bank a thief grabbed her bag. A few pedestrians ran frantically after him, but they didn’t catch him.
  4. When I first visited Las Vegas, I was gazing all the time at its glowing lights.
  5. She didn’t stay calm in the presence of the burglar and she was frantically hurling things on him.
  6. When I hired her, I told her that her duties are to duplicate documents by photocopying and to convey all the messages from the clients to me. Is that so difficult for her? Is she slow on the uptake?
  7. My parents decided to truncate their holidays without informing me. When they came back to our homeland and half an hour before they reached home they let me know about it; so I was hectically trying to clean up the filthy house because of my last-night party.
  8. While she was taking her diploma from the dean of her University, she was proposed to become a professor; as you can imagine she was really flattered.
  9. None of the social Media levels charges against politicians who get bribes, probably because they are afraid of their authority.
  10. The earthquake in September 1999 leveled a lot of houses in Athens.
  11. She expressed her appreciation for my hospitality by buying me an outstanding painting.
  12. Two persons were in the car that crashed. The driver had a few fractured bones but the other passenger needs immediate transfusion.
  13. I hate the transition from summer to autumn. One day it is raining and the other it is muggy, and you can never know what to wear.
  14. He lost his job and he was strapped for cash; so he asked his best friend, who is in the money, to lend his 2.000€
  15. I fretted over my final grade when my teacher told me that my essays are completely incoherent and I would never pass the exams.
  16. She is ready to give birth to her first child; her contractions have just begun.
  17. The acquisition of a second language is a necessary skill for every single person.
  18. She doesn’t like her job; whatever she is told by the intoxicated clients has to reciprocated with deterrence and politeness.
  19. We must use the detergent sparingly because there is only a little left.
  20. The unprecedented levels of unemployment are caused because of the economic crisis.
  21. The convict is held in custody till the court reaches a decision.
  22. A vast number of people are demonstrating at the moment due to the oppressive measures that the Government applied.
  23. Everyone was captivated by her immaculate performance.
  24. You have to start studying the fundamentals of music at first and afterwards you will learn how to sing.
  25. We should do our best to uphold our traditions because they portray our national identity.
  26. Once again he feigned illness, but his mother took him to the doctor straight away. When they got there the doctors asked “Which symptoms manifested themselves and made you come here?” but the boy didn’t answer.
  27. He was so stressed by his upcoming presentation that he continuously rehearsed what he was going to tell to his manager.
  28. She diversified her shop’s merchandise by adding men’s clothes in order to boost her sales.
  29. Oh no. It’s raining again. But the fire station is poised to be deluged with calls about incidents in flooded areas.
  30. I shouldn’t have let the cat out of the bag. I am so repentant that I divulged your secret.
  31. If your posture is not correct, then you are going to suffer from spinal malformations.


  1. This is my brand new calendar! I hope you like it....

  2. Wow!!It is really amazing Eleni!!But i have got many unknown words :(

  3. Don't worry... You are going to learn all these (and much more new words) as soon as you start the Green book. You have just began having lessons! But it's a really helpfull strategy if you try to put all the new words in a sentences... You can easily remember it!!!

  4. Wow, I am very impressed Helen! You have taken the vocabulary calendar to a whole new level by adding a lot more sentences to it; well done! You have clearly enriched your vocabulary range! Maria, I am sure you will do the same in a few months. Keep studying as hard as you do now and you won't regret it! I am now going to post your paragraph about technology and my corrections underneath. See you both soon! :-)