Thursday, 6 October 2011

September's Vocabulary Calendar

1. After she had a plastic surgery, the improvement was perceptible on her face.
2. She found her car tires twice deflated and she perceived it as a threat.
3. All his innovations were characterized as technological breakthroughs. As a result, he was branded as the most perceptive inventor.
4. What is the equivalent of 500 euro in dollars?
5. After the “sudden death” question the eventual winner was Mike.
6. In case of any technical queries, please contact the Customer Service Department.
7. The police is making inquiries about the murderer’s criminal record.
8. She had a lot of qualms because she had to leave her baby with a babysitter for a couple of days.
9. I really esteem him for his honesty.
10. The broker assessed the value of my house at 200.000€.
11. Last week two people won the lottery; so the money will be apportioned between them equally.
12. My computer was taken apart in order for the defective hard drive to be replaced.
13. I was totally taken aback by the ruthless bombing attack in Iran.
14. Since I got the job, I earmark half of my salary to buy a new car.
15. His boss didn’t want to offend him in front of his colleagues. So he took him aside and took him apart. (I love this sentence! :)
16. The police pinpointed the stolen vehicle after the thief’s confession.
17. She tried to distract her father, because she wanted her boyfriend to leave her house without being noticed. (sidetrack= make a speaker change subject)
18. –Could you tell me how much do this skirt and the blouse cost?
-They cost 20 and 30 € respectively.
19. On account of the stroke my grandmother had, she went to a lawyer to draw her will up as soon as she recuperated.
20. After he cheated on his spouse (after he cheated on her), she decided to write him off and turn over a new leaf. (wow!)
21. A few days ago, Apple brought out the new Iphone 4S.
22. A good teacher must instill confidence in her students.
23. In order to do well in the exam, I spent my whole day poring over my fabulous “Green book”. (you won 10000000 points!)
24. She was crying and grieving over her husband’s tomb.
25. I could kick myself for doing such a witless thing.
26. Given such a mediocre service, I left a tip unwillingly.
27. The Government is in the foreground/at the forefront because of the announcement of the new measures.
28. His foresight helped him not to be left broke after his company went bankrupt.
29. She embellished her little black dress with some red streaks so as to suit it with her brand new pumps.
30. Finally I succumbed to an irresistible impulse to eat candies. (true! :)


  1. it doesn't matter that It's October at the moment.... BUT my vocabulary calendar is finally uploaded on the blog....!!! Be alerted for the next one...!! Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow!!!

  2. The most fantastic vocabulary calendar ever! Way to go Helen! I will leave you more free time if this enables you to... strike back so forcefully!

    One tiny note: pinpoint= find or locate exactly: one flare had pinpointed the target | figurative : it is difficult to pinpoint the source of his life's inspiration.

    P.S. Take a look at my ... very serious comments next to some sentences!