Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Vocabulary calendar 4!!!

1.My brother and I are like two peas in a pod.We are exactly the same...
2. What do you conjure up when you first think of the phrase:Death penalty?
3. She embellished the dress with colourful buttons.
4. His eventual retirement pension was 600 euros.
5. He pinpointed the problem meticulously.
6. My brother glowed with happiness when he took the first prize at the competition.
7. He winked at Mary, which shows that he liked her.
8. Everyone looked at me in awe, when I came into the palace.
9. Hey!You look stunning today!You re so beautiful!
10. The accident turned out to be a fatal experience!
11. He had a flimsy argument about the causes of global warming.
12.I took offense at his words, as he told me I was lying.
13. An idea about organising a party dawned on me during the piano lesson.
14. Most problems nowadays result in violence. (a lot of people resort to violence)
15. It is said that there are apparitions in this house!
16. My aunt has an immaculate house!She cleans it all the time!
17. We must all uphold the law.
18. Fear is the product of not knowing what is going to happen.
19. Mary glossed over the issue to make it seem unimportant. 
20. He lost sleep over his financial problems.
21. In the public sector, everything goes worse and worse.
22. These stories have fascinated people from all walks of life.
23. The blue sky promised a fair weather for the rest of the day.
24. He has a good knowledge of how to make jewellery.
25. She gave herself a boost by saying what she had done was right.
26.My skin was slightly illuminated by the sun.
27. Einstein explored every nook and cranny of science.
28. I had to divert, as there was a traffic jam.
29. The cartilage is the combination of tissues, isn't it?
30. It was an absorbing book and I couldn't stop reading it.


  1. I ve finished the voc. calentar!

  2. Bravo Helen! I can see the improvement! Take a look at my corrections and ask me about whatever you don't understand.