Sunday, 13 November 2011

Genetically modified (GM) crops.. What is your opinion?

Nowadays, we often hear about genetically modified crops which are going to help societies to produce more food supplies in order for the latter to cope with malnourished people and world hunger. Although this seems to be a really beneficial (positive) side of transgenic crops, (as far as I am concerned-> not necessary) I am completely opposed to altering the crops' DNA.

(There are two reasons for my objection.) First of all, when people try to differentiate a genetic code of a living organism, it is an unethical action. A lot of people tend to agree with this, such as Prince Charles, who mentioned that when actions like this are done, people invade in realms that belong to God. (Why do you overgeneralize?) In addition, I am not sure that, even if a vast amount of food is produced, people are going to be given ample quantities of it. One basic example is Argentina, country which increased its productivity, but indigent people were not given enough food, since the farmers exported most of the yield in an effort to make as much profit as they could. As a result, GM crops will not be the solution to tackle the problem of world hunger, because the main problem will be that people will not be able to afford the cost of the food.

Moreover, another reason for concern is that scientists have yet to test what health risks these modified crops contain and how hazardous they are for us. Some people reported that after consuming such food, they had allergic reactions to it and they needed special treatment. In addition, a lot of people are afraid of  consuming such products because they are feared to lead to cancer or even liver damage. Therefore, scientists should do their best to carry out some experiments and see what consequences they have on our health and find ways so as to make them completely safe for our health.

All in all, I am not in favor of modifying the genetic material of any organism because this may lead to a lot of harmful effects on us, but also because I do not think that it is the best solution of winning the war against hunger.


  1. Just finished the essay of unit 7... Sorry for the delay!!!

  2. Helen, your organizations was good and you attempted to explain every argument of yours (although I added a sentence about the vague issue of rich Argentinian producers).

    But you don't seem to use advanced grammar and the expressions 'some people mentioned' , 'lots of people believe' made their first appearance in your otherwise effective writing!

    What about passive voice? Inversion? Avoid the risk of sounding too informal!

    Be careful and stay focused! You can do it, I am sure! Talk to you tomorrow. :-)