Sunday, 1 July 2012

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Which do you think is the most reasonable response to crime: retribution or rehabilitation? Which response is more common in your country?

In my view rehabilitation is a more effective response to crime, as it helps the convict through therapy, conversation and other ways to understand that what he has done was wrong and that he should turn over a new leaf. On the other hand, retribution is not so effective, because it contains violence and violence is not an appropriate way for a prisoner to accept his mistakes.So, I think that rehabilitation is a more effective deterrent than retribution.Finally, in my country retribution is not so popular as rehabilitation. The government tries to prevent convicts from relapsing into crime and it gives them a job , it helps them with therapy e.t.c.

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  1. I find myself to agree with you one more time, Mary! How will I be able to handle such mature students? I am wondering! :-)