Thursday, 13 September 2012

Example sentences with verbs followed by gerund or full infinitive

  1. She resolved to report the matter to the hospital's nurses.
  2. I yearned to be a movie actor.
  3. Some parents hesitate to take these steps because they suspect that their child is exaggerating.
  4. Our students can also opt to stay in residence.
  5. While many models vow to go back to college, few do.
  6. The hijackers are demanding to speak to the representatives of both governments.
  7. He had an urge to open a shop of his own.
  8. The tanker failed to respond to a command to stop.
  9. I did not want to miss out on the fun and that motivated me to get up and go to the party.
                                                       EXAMPLES -ing 
  1. I adore listening to rock music.
  2. You should keep on trying to take the position of the sales manager.
  3. She resents her mother for being so though on her.
  4. The doctor suggests taking this medicine for your terrible headache.
  5. I detest playing football.
  6. I ended up walking in an empty street without knowing where I was.

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