Friday, 2 November 2012


The writer Allan Poe in this unique story describes us how he murdered an old man with whom he lived in the same house.The motive of this murder?The old man's eye,the "evil eye" as he called it.The writer describes us in a creepy way how every night for seven consecutive days he would watch the old man sleeping,waiting for the right time to murder him,but he's eye is closed.At the eighth day though the old man's time has come as he was awaken by a noise and he's "evil eye" was finally open something which made the murderer sure that the it was the right time to kill his victim.After killing him and not leaving any evidence he confesses to the police as he thought that they had already found out that he was the murderer.

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  1. Great description Stergios! I wonder if you really liked the story or not... :-)