Friday, 15 February 2013

Speaking Part 1: Hobbies

Unfortunately, I have limited free time , but when I have, I hang out with my friends. I also love spending time indoors with my family . Moreover, I use my free time to develop my skills in playing volleyball so that I can be a better player . I am also fond of cooking; more specifically, I enjoy preparing different types of food . Last but not least, I adore gardening. I plant flowers and vegetables and I maintain my garden by watering it and using environmental - friendly  fertilizer. I think I am lucky enough to have the so-called 'green thumb'! 

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  1. What I've written for Minas goes for you Dimitra, as well! Good effort, BUT:

    Where are all the new phrasals and idioms we agreed to use when speaking? Linking phrases? Quick reasons for having each hobby?