Thursday, 25 April 2013

The importance of music for youth

  In the recent years, a debate has been going on about whether rock and pop music influence the youth in a harmful way and whether they should be banned. There is no doubt in my mind that those kinds of music should not be forbidden (for the following reasons). 

    That kinds of music are not excruciating and detrimental to young people; in contrast, they help them think ing further. To start with, most songs convey a lot of messages which make people think (stimulate thought) in a different way, sometimes even stopping them being selfish and egocentric. As a result, they help other people who may suffer or have tough problems to overcome these hurdles (how? what do you mean exactly?) (punctuation marks: commas and full stops???). Moreover, another reason why pop and rock music is important for young people is that they get their minds off from their passive routine and they chill out  without thinking of their problems and difficulties that they have to cope with. For instance, they will stop thinking of unbearable situations that they may find themselves in, such as giving explanation for not doing something or apologizing for something they did, etc.

  Another beneficial influence of music is that makes people gather together. Young people interact with others of the same age that have the same interests and  listen to a particular kind of music. As a consequence of getting together, they discuss their worries and problems and they entertain themselves by singing or dancing together. Furthermore, teenagers create music groups in which they play musical instruments together and they compose their own songs as to have fun . Additionally, they sometimes rehearse songs either for a gig or music competitions; consequently (do not repeat!) they let off steam and they derive pleasure from joining in that performance.

 All in all, I totally disagree with the fact that the rock and pop music should be banned. I will always claim that music makes people come closer and share their emotions.

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  1. I can see you corrected a few parts of the essay before publishing it, especially the second paragraph of the main body. However, be careful with punctuation marks and the way you explain your argument. We will talk more about it after Easter! It was a very good try, Hercules!