Sunday, 21 July 2013

Death Penalty

Nowadays, there are still countries which use the death penalty as the ultimate punishment for some serious crimes.Some people maintain that the capital punishment will help by reducing crime levels. However, others claims that the execution is something inhumane and they doubt if it can improve society at all. Personally, I am opposed to the use of death penalty, as it is something unnecessary.

Although in general I am against capital punishment, I concede that it would be cheaper than locking up prisoners for the rest of their lives. However, I support the fact that judicial systems are fallible and errors are made. Consequently, with execution it is inevitable that sooner or later innocent people will be killed. Moreover, according to some latest research, the murder rate per capita in the U.S.A is nearly three times higher than that in U.K where capital punishment does not exist. It is clear that this kind of penalty does not guarantee a reduction in the number of homicides.

Furthermore, if murder is wrong, then it must be wrong for the state to take a person's life.As some people say, " two wrongs do not make a right ". In addition , from my standpoint this penalty must be forbidden in all countries, since it may cause the execution of innocent people.

All in all, the death penalty is a thorny issue so it is difficult to clearly see if it is right or wrong. Nonetheless, i believe that this type of punishment should be forbidden in all countries, as it is a very violent measure and nobody deserves that.

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