Monday, 5 August 2013

Capital Punishment

     A lot of countries still use the death penalty as a method of punishment for committing heinous crimes. However, I am not sure that it should be used, even in extreme cases.
    Many people consider capital punishment as barbaric and cruel, since it violates the universal human right to life. To begin with, killing people who murdered others so as to show that killing someone is unacceptable conveys the wrong message. Moreover, occasionally innocent people are condemned to executions; as a result, real criminals are free while innocent lives have been lost. Additionally people that are on death row have no chance of changing their attitude and regretting for their harmful actions in prison. Last but not least, criminals may be mentally ill, therefore they need psychological or psychiatric support to get over their problems.
    However a lot of people argue that capital punishment should not be forbidden. Victims' relatives have suffered so much that they want to revenge the murderer by putting him to death. It will make them feel relieved, as they will not feel the menace of the killer and it will also ensure the safety for the re of the family. Furthermore, if a murderer ends up to prison, they will probably become more aggressive and violent, therefore they will come out on parole as hardened criminals and be a threat to the society. Finally the death penalty is a deterrent for criminals and prisoners as killing people, will mean losing their own life.
    To sum up, the death penalty is lethal punishment which cannot bring back to life innocent people and victims of murderers. However plenty people support that it should not be forbidden as it will punish the criminals the way they deserve. Therefore, people need to comprehend that capital punishment does not help no one.

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