Sunday, 18 August 2013

Chip Implants

      The recently years more and more people have microchip implants containing their personal details. Having a chip implant can be useful, but sometimes it can be detrimental.

       Chip implants are devices put under the skin that contain our personal data. Chips can be implanted with local anesthetic and they do not leave any scars, which makes them straightforward to be implanted and excessively convenient, as they cannot be stolen like ID cards. Moreover, they will make people feel secure because chips will make extremely difficult for criminals to commit fraud since they will need the exact data that chip implants contain to withdraw or deposit money illegally from bank accounts. Additionally kidnapping will be impossible to happen because with chip implants the police can easily find out the exact location of people; as a result, people are not at stake.

     Nevertheless, chip implants are not totally safe and sometimes they can be harmful to people. Many people reckon that chips can be a threat to their health. Having implanted chip can lead to hazardous ailments, some of which can be fatal. Furthermore, chips violate human rights which means that people will not have total freedom, as they will always know their place and location. Therefore, they will be under control. Criminals can also retrieve personal details of a person by putting concealed scanners in a particular place and if someone touches there, they can find information about them.

     To sum up, in my point of view it is severe that chip implants be  hazardous to the health; however it is important that they show people's exact location. Chips should be used as to prevent some undesirable situations.

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  1. Hercules, can you correct the punctuation in your final paragraph?

    And think about the use of 'crucial' in the conclusion. Does it fit the meaning?