Sunday, 22 September 2013

Climate Change:An issue that conerns all of us .

It is said that nowdays, the climate of our planet will change in the future..Thanks to a lot of researches, startling evidence has recently come to light which indicates  that the climate of our planet changes gradually .However, the overwhelming majority of scientists , insist that natural factors, such as the cycle in solar activity cannot be responsible for the change of our climate . If no natural factors were responsible , the temperature ought to be falling.
 The main factor that causes the temperatures to rise is the carbon dioxide (CO2) which is released by the combustion of fossil fuels. Means of transport such as buses taxis which are more commonly used release the carbon dioxide from their exhaust fumes. After the carbon dioxide is released from exhaust fumes, it goes into the atmosphere where infared solar radiation is trapped.
 To alleviate the situation , the first step should be to launch a campaign in order to motivate people to alther their their behavior , encouraging them , for istance to insulate their homes , turn the thermostat down in the winterand wear warmmer clothes indoors , and noot leave electrical appliances on standby. Another measure that could tackle the climate change is a financial incentive . For instance, the goverment should make electricity much more expensive in order to motivate consumers to reduce their consumption or impose a hefty tax on industries for every ton of Co2 they produce .Furthermore , manufacturers of electrical appliances, cars etc should make them more energy efficient.
 Taking all things into consideration, the obvious conclusion that has to be drawn is that the climate change is an issue that concerns all of us an we have to do whatever we can to tackle it .If we adopt a green conscience not only the enviroment will be benefited, but our lifestyle will also be ameliorated  

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