Friday, 18 October 2013

Hunger and poverty

Recently, evidence has shown that hundreds of children die every day from the most extreme form of poverty: hunger. Countries who mostly face poverty are third world countries. Although solutions exist, we people of the developed countries seem to do nothing about it. In my viewpoint, should the proper steps be taken, the problem of world hunger would be alleviated. First of all, one thing that would totally help make the situation better is to give poor families a land to cultivate. The yield produced could be used for either their needs or sold. This way not only would we help them become more self-sufficient  but we would also curb the hunger problem. Should there be a lack of land for cultivation, what we should then do is offer these people jobs. These two steps may appear mere, yet so effective. One last thing we should bear in mind is that, only if we help these countries, will they begin to flourish.

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  1. Great ideas Andrew and a wide range of vocabulary!

    One question only: Do you need to use a comma immediately after 'although'?