Friday, 1 November 2013


    The story is about a young man who looked after an old one. The narrator claims to be no madman, but rather have a disease which makes his senses more sensitive. He seems to have no problem with the elder except one, he hates his eye. As a result, he decided to kill the man to get rid of this pale blue eye. While the narrator does say that he is not crazy, his doing lead us to think that he really is one.

  I really liked the tale, as it had a feature that every tale of this type should have, and that is suspense. Last but not least, the way he exhibited the events that happened in the story really inspired me.

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  1. Bravo Andrew for summing it all up so great! However, a couple of your expressions sounded a little 'Greek':

    * who would look after
    **his doing leads us
    ***Not only this but his writing

    How can you correct them?