Saturday, 8 March 2014

A school of nature and colors!

An absolutely alternative perspective of education grows just 
a few miles away from Rethymno in Fourfouras village.

This project is an inspiration of Angelos Passias, a young 

and talented pedagogue 

who identified that there is a huge 

barrier between society and schools 

and his vision is their conjunction , a 

school that respect its students where 

kids would develop and express their personality and will not 

feel isolated or alone.

Assisted by some 


teachers he started this 


"school of nature and 
colors!" , an 

alternative educational model 

that fits perfectly in such an 

agricultural society as Crete.

A school full of creativity and self management , in which pupils are taught beyond the curriculum how to sing and dance ,perform theatrical plays,raise funds for their school through a vegetable garden and make their activities and campaigns known to the public through their blog and online channel  Fourfouras TV!

Lets hope that Angelos initiative will be the step for a next generation educational system.

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  1. What an enlightening post, Manolis! I had no idea about this school, which is so close to our city. Your post has also given some food for thought to us all: Is education only about facts and figures or creativity, love for nature and moulding a solid personality, as well?