Tuesday, 17 June 2014

CPE Writing, Part 1: Outdoor and electronic advertising

It cannot be denied that outdoor advertising has played an important role in the development of the economy since it is strongly (inter)related with the promotion of products and goods. However, not all people share common thoughts about its importance or are equally excited about (OR: approve of) the means being used.

During the last decade, outdoor advertising has been evolved from the well known static signs and
posters to the new digital screens that can display any kind of 'live' commercials. The use of technology has reduced the required costs and made advertising affordable to almost any company. Moreover, the employment of smarter, more amusing and more informative commercials has been made possible, while at the same time the old poster-like (billboards/ motorway hoardings) advertisements are still being supported.

Despite the excitement of the new possibilities opened in advertising through the use of digital media, there are many who find them at least annoying. They speak about visual pollution and the lack of protection of those target groups who cannot easily filter the information of a digital commercial, like children and elderly people. It is true (no comma here) that this new media has an increased capability of drawing the attention of people passing by and this can be even dangerous when/ as far as drivers are concerned. 'Distracted driving' has been identified as one of the most common reasons for car accidents and the contribution of digital advertising to this is indisputable.

In conclusion, it can be claimed that this new digital way of outdoor advertising is a debatable issue. The advances of technology is something that cannot be ignored or denied, (comma) but their use should not be made without taking into consideration their effects and people's social needs and rights.

Comments: Great writing once again, Alex! Apart from some minor spelling mistakes, the conclusions you drew based on the two texts and the way you summed them up were absolutely spot-on! I'd award you with at least 4/5! :-) 

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