Thursday, 24 July 2014

ECPE Speaking, stages 2 and 3

Student A.
In the first alternative, the penalty is a six month sentence in adult prison.
This punishment is a very strict one, since the young boy will have to undergo a shock therapy which is going to modify his behavior.
Furthermore, because the people responsible take juvenile crime seriously in this detention center, (this is unrelated to the next sentence) the 17-year-old offender will be forced to socialize with stern criminals, such as burglars,forgers and murderers as well. Obviously this punctilious type of retribution is going to gratify the injured party.
However, because of the lack of leniency, free psychiatric treatment is included.

The second option is six months in a detention center for juveniles. This sentence includes a military type of discipline, as the inmates have to march every morning, although, it is not as harmful as the first option, since the adolescent is not going to mix ed with serious criminals (comparisons will be made in later stages). Moreover, this program is composed of a variety of (reading and writing) activities and classes to upgrade the literacy skills of the offenders. In addition, the staff is knowledgeable in dealing with young criminals and, apart from that, there are psychologists who assist the convicts twice a week.

Student B.
My first option is electronic tagging and curfew.
The offender is going to be under custody for 24 hours with an implanted a microchip that uses GPS system technology.
Moreover, the teenage boy supervised will have to stay indoors from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., so the stigma is less than when being an actual prisoner.
However, once a week it is mandatory to have a meeting with a police social worker.
The good thing is that the teenager remains in the community and he is able to study, work or do ing extracurricular activities and the only reason to get imprisoned is the removal of the microchip from his ankle.

My alternative option (the final option/ choice/ solution/ punishment available) is the community service punishment.
In this kind of sentence, the offender has to stay at home and work for 8 hours per day for the local parks department under the supervision of experts. The point is that if he fails to complete this task, he is getting imprisoned immediately.
(Apart from the degrading outdoors working) Even though working outdoors may seem degrading to an adolescent, the good thing is that he will be able to get a piece of valuable advice in order to obtain a job in the future.

A)Right then, the second option seems more appropriate retribution for this young offender- I am talking about the six months in a detention center for juveniles. What is the option you consider to be best?
B)I would say that community service fits this teenager better, as it is not such a strict penalty and it helps him to fit into society straight away. What led you to your second choice?
A) Well, this alternative combines discipline which is indispensable and education too, for instance there is a military type of marching everyday morning and classes for improving literacy skills. What makes you think that community service is the right choice?
B)I firmly believe that in this way the boy is going to give back to the society what it deserves, by working outdoors under the supervision of experts. Apart from that, he is staying in his home and doesn’t lose the paternal and maternal support. Thus, I tend to believe that my option is more appropriate than yours, don’t you agree?
A)I think that you have a point, although your option is too lenient ly and maybe the teenager is going to break the law again.
B) Yes, but bear in mind that if he fails to complete the schedule, he is going to be penalized with a sentence in prison.
A) That is correct. It is settled, then. The community service is just what is needed for the young offender to learn his lesson.

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