Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Peer Pressure: The most serious problem faced by teenagers

  Nowadays the growing pains which adolescents have to deal with are numerous. Obviously, both bodily and psychological changes which occur during adolescence are a burden on a teenager's life. But as I see it, a controversial problem which the vast majority has to tackle is peer pressure.

  To begin with, peer pressure is the tremendous turbulence caused by teenagers of the same age. As soon as puberty ends, individuals enter a new environment, where they they inexplicably adopt a whole new mentality. Being a teenager is definitely connected with living up to some standards, as not  only competitiveness but also jealousy and greed are being unearthed. Peer pressure can more often than not influence the youngster positively. For instance, it can urge classmates to study harder. However, it can  also seriously affect the "peers" negatively, since some dangers are initially being caused subliminally. First of all, the adaptation to a new environment leads to the adoption of perilous habits, such as misbehaviour and smoking. That is, teenagers may become inconsiderate and loathe studying. 

  As for the ways to alleviate this perplexing issue, there are a few steps that should be taken. First and foremost, the individual itself has to be extremely careful and cautious when  choosing friends in order to create a peaceful and egalitarian friendship. Furthermore, there should be a constant dialogue between parents and offspring because sometimes parents are unable to supervise their own children. Last but not least, the school could organise speeches about he difficulties of adolescence. In that way, teenagers will be informed about the hazards of their harmful choices.

  Taking all this into consideration, it seems to me that peer pressure becomes more intense since technology and impersonal relationships evolve. The people surrounding them have positive and mostly negative long-lasting effects on teenagers who blame themselves because of choosing disloyal and very boisterous friends. 


  1. Marinaki, your effort is unbelievable, once again! I can't see the other bloggers creating on this blog and I feel a little worried, especially about the boys' team, hehe! Well done Marina; you are a talented writer!

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    2. Thank you so much! I believe that they (the boys' team) will create something soon! Don't worry! :)

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