Monday, 16 February 2015

Peer pressure; the most vital problem faced by adolescents

                The teenage years are a time of rapid growth and alteration in physical, social and mental level. Adolescents are exposed to various overwhelming external and internal struggles. The problems that they are faced with today, are multifarious, but interrelated in many cases. Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned, the most vital problem faced by teenagers nowadays is peer pressure.
                  Peer pressure is known as the adoption of a particular type of behavior, clothing or attitude in order to be accepted as a part of a group. To clarify, it is human nature to identify with and compare themselves with other people. At first sight, being influenced by others, not only could be beneficial, but also undoubtedly necessary. However, nowadays teenagers are excessively based on the impression they maky on their peers and thus, while trying to avoid being judged or criticised, they neglect their values and preferences and choose to follow the stream. For instance, provocative clothes and smoking are considered to be a rite of passage into adolescence. So, if somebody tends to disagree and resists to what the most support, his peers will definitely make fun of him, and as a result, they will inwardly urge him to inappropriate and uncomfortable situations.
                  As for the ways to tackle the problem, there are various things that could be done. Initially, if somebody experiences peer pressure to a high degree, it is important to have the support and help he needs. He could share his worries and emotions with a family member, a friend outside the situation, a teacher or with whoever he feels comfortable. Furthermore, the intervention of an expert, in some occasions, could be necessary and incredibly helpfull, too. Last but not least, in my opinion, the most valid solution could be to be understood by the teenager that they deserves having good treatment and he has the right to be different and have his own unique attitude toward school, parents, friendships etc, even if it is not completely approved.
                   Taking everything into consideration, I believe that as a society, we must deal with peer pressure and understand that each one of us was born to stand out and there is no point on trying so hard to fit in.

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