Sunday, 8 March 2015

ECPE Speaking Stage 1

  • What is your school like?, Are you happy with the education you get at your school?, Do you look forward to going back to school when your holidays come to an end?
Well, to be honest I think my school is quite underprivileged, because although there is enough space we are not provided with a variety of facilities. For instance, our laboratories are not well-equipped and our classrooms do not include cutting-edge technology to make the lesson more stimulating. However, most of the teachers are lenient and try to make the atmosphere more bearable. As for the education I get at my school, there is no doubt that the tutors have their sights set mostly on facts and figures. That is, vocational subjects are not included in the curriculum, so we are constantly studying hard in order not to flunk the exams. Lastly, I am definitely looking forward to going back to school after every holiday, because I believe it is essential that we keep in touch with our classmates. Moreover, I want to have homework again, because it motivates me and activates my brain.
  •  How long have you been studying English?, Has it been enjoyable for you?, How useful will it be in the future? 
To begin with, I've been studying English for about 8 years. Firstly, by mastering English not only do I broaden my horizons, but I also obtain valuable knowledge. Apart from that, English affects positively the way I behave and think, as I have become more cultivated. I believe it will be useful for me in the future, because I wish I become a teacher of English and because I wish I travel and live abroad. That is, I will be able to communicate with citizens of different counties on the grounds that English is the global language. To sum up, English is a very important qualification and it certainly provides individuals with valuable knowledge. 
  •  Do you have any ambitions?, What would you like to be doing in ten year's time?, How easy or hard will it be to achieve those ambitions?
First and foremost, I hope I graduate from high school with a decent grade, so I can get into University. I  would really like ti become a teacher of English. In ten year's time I imagine I will have finished my studies and if not, I will definitely have a lot on my plate. Apart from that, I would welcome the opportunity to travel, as I am fond of gathering information about other cultures. What is more, I want to find a satisfactory job, which will make me fell delighted, and which, of course, will be relevant to my qualities and qualifications. I think that my goals are not extremely easy to achieve as they require a lot of studying and patience, especially for the Panhellenic exams about which I will be too shaken up when their time comes. 


  1. You know Marina mow that your answers always move me! I am sure you will have achieved all those goals and plenty more because you work hard for each one of them! I owe you a big hug tomorrow! :-)

  2. Thank you so much! You know I am always grateful to you for all the things that you've done, because you encourage me!💞