Monday, 13 July 2015

~Genetically Modified Crops~

In recent years, geneticists have found ways to produce new crops by modifying the DNA of the plants.This new type of crops is known as GM (genetically modified) crops.Organisations which have been promoting these GM crops have often claimed that this is an effective alternative if we want to fight world hunger.On the other hand, there are some groups that doubt whether non-traditional agriculture will solve global issues, even causing further ones.Therefore, the question that arises is: Are GM crops a blessing or a curse?

Advocates of GM crops claim that they will solve the problem of hunger and malnutrition.It is added that mostly in the future these genetically altered seeds will be indispensable due to overpopulation.Over the next 60 years, it is predicted that there will not be enough agricultural land to feed everyone, so the development of these crops will surely be beneficial.It is also mentioned that the modification of plants contributes to the protection of them, since it makes them more resistant to powerful herbicides.

Yet, there are many detractors of GM crops who consider that not only are they unsafe, but they are also unhealthy.It is thought that even if food is abundant, hunger and famine still exist.Consequently, it is urgent that another solution for this global problem be found.Furthermore, many types of cancer, kidney and liver damage, to name but a few, have been caused by GM crops.In short, it is believed that this new type of crops is severely perilous at times.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that despite the fact that GM crops is a significant technological achievement, it is hazardous for humans.From my point of view, it is crucial that  we think wisely before taking the decision of any intervention in the nature.Moreover, it is essential that we figure out how major the problem of world hunger is and that GM crops cannot face a global issue like this.Only when we realize it, will an effective solution be found.