Saturday, 11 July 2015

Microchip Implants

Nowadays, many countries resort to rather stringent regulations concerning the identity cards that citizens need to carry. Topping the suggestion list are microchip implants, which not only contain personal digital data, but they are also minute enough to pass through the needle of a syringe. This specific device is know as RFIDs (i.e. radio frequency identification devices) and has the inclination to replace traditional ID cards. But, are RFIDs a blessing or a curse? From my point of view, their impact is detrimental.

There are many significant reasons why microchip implants should be abolished. First and foremost, although we surely live in a democracy, it is not guaranteed that it will exist perpetually. That is, if it gives way to oppressive regimes, speculative elite will have the ability to keep track of citizens in order to dominate them. Apart from that, since crime rates are estimated to escalate in the future, the opportunity to criminals to commit identity theft is provided. More specifically, only after perpetrators retrieve information on people's chips by using concealed scanners, is it straightforward for them to create a "cloned" chip, which would allow them to pretend to be anyone they wish. Lastly, as far as health is concerned, it is argued that RFIDs are perilous due to the radiation they emit.

Focusing on a different perspective, proponents of RFIDs claim that contrary to conventional ID cards, the sophisticated IDs are much more convenient and a fail-safe way of verifying our identity. Another case in point is that chips offer possibilities for new technology given that they can be accessed when they are in close proximity to a scanner. What seems to be erroneous about these arguments, though, is that monitoring people with RFIDs contributes to violating everyone's right to dignity and freedom on the grounds that the right to privacy is being eroded. Subsequently, coercion and intimidation will prevail and exert a harmful influence on society.

In a nutshell, there is no doubt in my mind that the disadvantages of RFIDs outweigh the advantages. As I see it, microchip implants unearth the "Big Brother" policy. Only if we refrain from utilizing them, will the shape of things to come not be ominous. 

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