Sunday, 19 July 2015

Were I to contemplate on a time capsule...

As the second millennium came to an end, time capsules were invented. A time capsule is a waterproof cache which not only contains items that are equivalent to the status quo of the era they are put in the capsule, but it is also buried in order to be found by future generations. Were I to contemplate on such a patent, what objects would I utilize to arouse everyone's interest concerning society? Topping my list, would be a diary and a rose. 

To begin with, my first option about what to include in the time capsule, would undoubtedly be a leather-bound diary. This specific diary, though, would not contain superficial information, but, instead my priority would be to immerse myself into the depths of socialeconomic problems with which my country is infested. More specifically, bias, racism and exceedingly high levels of unemployment and poverty, pose and are anticipated to pose some of the most pressing issues. So, I would cherish the idea to write down to urge future generations how to tackle them. Moreover, historians and the so-called elite may possess individual incentives; thereby, there is only a grain of truth in their records. Due to the fact that written history remains, or as they say "scripta manent", our offsprings would not repeat the mistakes of the past.

As for the second item, it would be a rose, as a symbol of the withering of society, which has already been foreseen. It is an undisputed fact that society is contingent on adolescents, who are the bud of the flower. In fact, since technology is estimated to evolve, teenagers will become addicted to it and as a consequence, passivity will prevail. Concerning the spines of the rose, they would be equivalent to the repercussions of the shriveling. It is clear that a human would be hurt by them ans so would society. More specifically, the spines would depict problems which prevent society from evolving, for instance, coercion, corruption and submission. So, the underlying message would be the vigilance, or the flourishment of the youth.

In a nutshell, there is no doubt in my mind that if I wanted to motivate future generations to create an egalitarian society, my time capsule would include the diary and the rose. However, would these items seem trivial to those who would find them I can only hope that the shape of  things to come will be positive for everyone. 


  1. We can put a whole endangered species in the capsule, remember?? hehehe!!! Great essay, Marinaki!!!

  2. Hahahaha of course!! Thank you, too, Miss Christina!! :)