Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Descriptive/Narrative Essay About Fear

Everyone is endowed with experiences that induce fear and the daunting time I had while I was enjoying the ebb and flow of the tranquil sea in conjunction with the entrancing full moon, last August, proves I am no exception. Since sitting under sky illuminated by the light of both twinkling star and the moon, and listening to my favorite kind of music are to my liking, I ventured out to the closest beach to my village, in order to relax.

However, that all changed when I realised that I was not alone with my very thoughts, since an uncomfortable premonition of someone staring at me pervaded my senses. Therefore, I turned around and I saw a tall, well-built, almost thirty-five-year-old  man standing a few meters behinds me. At first, I did not react, but as soon as I heard him getting closer, I could hear my heart thump; so, I moved briskly. After a few minutes, he commenced mumbling and I trembled with apprehension when I thought about what might happen next. So, I stood up and I ran as fast s my legs could carry me, especially when I understood that he was following me.

All of a sudden, not only did my phone ring, but I also stumbled over the rugged terrain and I hit the ground. I immediately rose up, answered the phone and put my father into the picture. Petrified as he was, he assured that he was soon going to put an end to everything. Just then, the intimidating man reached me, managed to stop me and I found myself pleading with him not to hurt me. To my sheer amazement, though, he laughed and explained to me that the only thing he wanted to do was return a ring, which my absentminded mother had lost in this tavern earlier that evening. I thanked God and only after he clarified everything to my horrified parents, did we derive much pleasure from the breath-taking scenery. 

In a nutshell, although I have had no desire whatsoever to worship nature all alone since then, I perceived that F.E.A.R. only stands for either Forgetting Everything And Running, or Facing Everything And Rising. So, for the foreseeable future, I intend to pursue the latter. 


  1. I didn't tell you earlier today that I absolutely loved your conclusion! Very well done and well written! Now be ready to see the crazy photos we have taken hehehe!

  2. Thank you very much Miss Christina! I can't wait to see the photos!! :)