Sunday, 27 September 2015

Parents and adolescence

  • What do you think about the idea that teenagers need more guidance from adults and a stricter environment in which to grow up?
Adolescence is undoubtedly a tough period for both parents and teenagers. It's the period after puberty and parents need to face the change of their children's behavior. To my mind, boundaries are necessary at some point. If you are too strict your teen will no longer accept these boundaries and will react. Boundaries work better if they are both made and agreed with parents and teenagers. According to this, a reaction from the other side is not possible unless you overcome these limits. As for the stricter environment you and your teen should both agree for the time that should be back at home for example, on weekdays should be back at 8 pm and on weekends at 10 pm. Parents should be more patient in order to understand the mentality of teenagers and they can deal with a young person.

  • How do you think it might feel to be the parent of an adolescent?
As scientists say "During adolescence children are beginning to form their identity". According to this, if I was a parent of an adolescent I would try to help him find this identity. I would support his decisions but I would present my advice on them. I cannot understand exactly how being the parent of an adolescence is but I think that no one else can, except a parent.

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  1. Great thoughts John!!! My only correction would concern the final paragraph "being the parent of an adolescENT". Also, when you refer to people, so not only say 'he'. 'They' is better and refers to both genders. Well done blogger once again!