Sunday, 27 September 2015

What about adolescence?

  • What do you think about the idea that teenagers need more guidance from adults and a stricter environment in which to grow up?
In my point of view, being an adolescent is one of the most essential period of time for everyone, because life there starts to be more demanding. In addition to this, teenagers' psychological state is unbalanced and feelings, for instance, anger,joy,optimism,depression, are mixed.It is also reported that parents' contribution is a major factor of how their children will enter society when they become adults.According to this, I believe that parents should always support their children not to be frustrated and grateful for what they are offered.Moreover, parents ought to put boundaries to their children and draw the line at their behaviour. However, if there are so many restrictions, adolescent may feel alienated ,moody and aggressive,because they have less space than their peers.Additionally, living in a rigorous environment may affect their school grades, like unwilling to study or uneagerness to take part in the lesson.Taking all into consideration, I support that parents should keep up with their children, not to underestimate their needs, but they are obliged to explain them life is not a bowl of cherries and put some restrictions to make them more responsible and mature.

  • How do you think it might feel to be the parent of an adolescent?
I imagine myself being the parent of an adolescent exceptionally tough.To begin with, adolescence is the period of time that children leave puberty and are lead to adulthood. This situation is also hard for parents, because responsibilities elevate and  there is a wide variety of problems they will face, the most urgent of which is the psychological support they should always provide to them. In this way, teenagers boredom and resentment towards school will drop off.Parents also have to  handle their nerves and behave in a gentle way during their pressing working hours, because teenagers aggressiveness is in turmoil, so  is a wrong decision to work off their anger to them. Last but not least, I believe that having  good communication between them will cure every problem and joyness will dominate.

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  1. Few corrections are necessary: teenagers' (POSSESSIVE 'S) psychological state, UNbalanced, a major factor OF or greatly affects

    they will face, the most urgent of which (join the two sentences with a comma)

    Resentment toWARDS school will drop (without off) or decrease or diminish

    during their pressing working hours

    , SO it is a wrong decision to work off their anger on them

    Can you now correct these phrases on your own Fotis? Let me tell you that this was an amazing post with an even more amazing accompanying picture. Congrats on a fantastic first blogging attempt!