Sunday, 11 October 2015

English as the global language

  Nowadays, English is the most common and recognised language all over the world. Many people each year take up lessons and try to master the language and be professional speakers. This phenomenon has resulted in a NOVEL SITUATION and many people when they are trying to learn the English language they are indifferent to their mother tongUE, which means do not take part in their own language evolution. So, learning the global lanuage has both positive and negative aspects. 
 First of all, there are many significant reasons, why mastering English language has positive aspects. To begin with, although English offers to its speakers a big variety of possibilities such AS communication with foreign people and a better working environment, because of better proFESSIONAL qualifications, it is also an undisptuted fact that English can open up A NEW WORLD OF interesting foreign cultures. More specifically, travelling, which means that through it we can learn about different societies and their habits, communicate with its people and learn how to be a proficient speaker. Lastly, (COMMAS AFTER LINKING PHRASES) there is one more positive effect of English, being the global language, but this one is all about people. By learning English we improve our thinking skills in an elevated level with the result that we are more peaceful inside and openminded characters.
 On the other hand many languages die every year and English is used more and more as a world language which results in globalization. Even though globalization promotes some positive effects like harmony and understanding between people, in its backpack, contains many dangers for the other languages. Firstly, if this situation continues, there will exist homogenEOUS societies. People are going to have the same tsastes, films and music. Furthermore, if we let this phenomenon inspire our everyday life, we will be dominated by uniformity, which means the elimination of culture and limited significance of cultural identity and individual history. A case of it (no comma) is that local languages are going to vanish, as dialects will, with the final IMPLICATION that some civilisations are going to cease.
 Taking all into consideration there is no doubt in mind that despite the fact that English is the global language and offers many positive aspects, like people understanding and harmony, in my opinion, there must be also differences between us because  I firmly believe that every country should not be affected, as they have their own language and their own cultural identity, which is why every country is special.

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