Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fame and Public Recognition

Since  the dawn of civilization, some individuals reckon that fame and public recognition are the most primeval and powerful stimuli, especially when they strive to surpass their expectations and achieve something outstanding. Nevertheless, I am inclined to believe that this kind of success is not the most important virtue in life, although it is rewarding for a personal feat.

Albeit the fact that the way media treat famous people indicates that the price of fame has peaked, it is an undisputed fact that being publicly acclaimed for an admirable achievement contributes to elevating a person's self-esteem levels. That is, the elation a person feels when they are hailed as paragons of virtue is priceless, especially when those people have experienced an ordeal. On the contrary, people are generally poor judges and their opinions are quite easily swayed by ostentation; subsequently, people who seek fame and public recognition are vain and quasi proud of their career. So, it is crucial we comprehend that achieving something and being modest about it should be our top priority instead of yielding to fame, which is directly related to being in the limelight and having almost no privacy. 

Moreover, it is a fact of contemporary life that fame is no longer contingent on real and substantial achievement; thus, it has been devalued. A case in point is that fame and public recognition are for a tiny minority, when millions of people living, for instance, in unsanitary urban slums struggle to keep the wolf from the door. So, real heroes who deserve to be paid tributes to are simple people who fight with their own demons. Apart from that, far more satisfying than the transient enthusiasm of an audience, is the more permanent love of a partner and family. More specifically, not only does domestic sphere constitute the most honest means of feeling that true value is really recognized, but it is also the only place where true happiness and mental triumph, which are extremely important virtues, can be attained. 

Taking everything into consideration, there is no doubt in my mind that fame and public acclaim actually disgrace the importance of an achievement and should not be the objectives of people. Only if we endeavor to understand what is really crucial in our lives, will we be able to make the greatest achievement, without involving fame. 

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