Saturday, 19 December 2015


                More and more people are deciding to switch to vegetarianism. Recent estimates suggest that is a healthier lifestyle. This alternative diet is particularly popular with younger generations. Although there are some tremendous benefits to being a vegetarian, no one would deny that there are also some serious drawbacks. Every coin has two sides and so does vegetarianism.
                 First of all, undoubtedly vegetables are very healthy and give you a huge variety of building blocks for our organism, such as proteins, iron and vitamins. Most people adopt this kind of nutrition because they are against the violation of animal rights. As they say, animals have a soul and they are living beings. Some others think that is the ideal diet as they consume lots of vegetables. Moreover, scientists say that vegetarians are 40% less likely to develop cancer or heart diseases than those who consume meat. Another benefit is that some vegetarians may become slimmer as they consume low levels of cholesterol. 
                  On the other side, some people say that a vegetarian diet is unnatural, as we have the teeth to eat meat and the enzymes to digest it so we were born to be omnivores and not herbivores. The biggest problem must be for vegans who do not consume any meat or materials coming from, animals and leather products. As a result, some of them may may have lack of iron or vitamins unless they take some vitamin supplements. Furthermore, another big issue about vegetarianism are people who are not aware of vegetarian diets and whose organisms are not used to it. Doctors say that is very difficult for the body to absorb iron from vegetables that in meat. Last but not least, people who are against vegetarianism believe that switching to a vegetarian diet would also involve sacrificing the pleasure of eating things like steaks, pork chops and beef burgers, but also vegetarian snacks can be hard to find in some places.
                     Taking everything into consideration, I firmly believe that the best choice is to cut down on meat and include more vegetables in their diet so they absorb both vitamins, proteins and other blocking blocks who are vital for our health.

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