Monday, 21 November 2016

Music is medicine,music is sanity

In this speech, Rober Gupta talks about a promising musician whose career was cut short by an unfortunate and tragic affliction with paranoid schizophrenia.This had an enormous effect on his life and he ended up homeless in the streets of Skid Row.He refuses treatment because of being traumatized by the way he was treated in the past(shock therapy,Thorazine,handcuffs).These painful treatments left him a scar which made him prone to schizophrenic episodes.After listening to Beethoven's First and Fourth symphonies he met Rober and  he was really interested in taking violin lessons.He was in a state of agitation when his first violin lesson with Rober Gupta took place.He seemed lost.He talked about invisible demons and other such things that scared Rober.However, after Rober started playing the violin,his rage and maniac thoughts turned into understanding and grace,his look changed and he seemed better all of a sudden.After this he picked up his violin and started playing parts by ear.Music changed him from a disturbed and paranoid man to a charming and brilliant musician.

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