Friday, 10 March 2017

''The Tell-Tale Heart'' by Edgar Allan Poe

This horror story is called ''The Tell-Tale Heart'' by Edgar Allan Poe. Generally, it is about someone that wants to kill an old man because he feels haunted by his vulture eye. The unnamed narrator who is the protagonist has the whole story revolving around him and his goal. The main character has an unsteady personality and suffers from ''over acuteness of the senses'' because of the nervousness. The protagonist wants to persuade us that he is not insane but he is just nervous. In the beginning of the story we could notice that he is so calm and cautious observing the old man in his sleep. At the end, though, when the police officers arrived he was confident and enthusiastic that he had achieved the perfect triumph. Subsequently he got pale and noticed a ringing in his ears. The noise became louder and louder and he thought that it was the victims heart beating. He could not stand the noise and the qualms and finally took the blame. We come to a conclusion that he was too weak to keep the crime a secret. His unsteady personality and craziness did not let him dodge but he was trapped into his own mind.

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