Sunday, 10 July 2011

July Vocabulary Calendar

1. I hope I will never lose my job because if that happens, I will be down and out.
2. Fatality rate escalates during the holidays because people are driving while being intoxicated.
3. I bought a coffee machine and it was defective. So I demanded to have it changed.
4. Last week a high-tech alarm system was placed in my house so as to ward off burglars
5. Jane offered us her home so as to organize the party on condition that we clean everything before we leave.
6. I think that he is not eligible for this position. He was fired for being reluctant to do what he was asked to.
7. The story he told us sounds really believable, but he was just pulling our leg.
8. After the ball hit him on his chest he writhed in pain.
9. Next week I will be working for 10 hours daily because one of my colleagues will go on vacation. But thank god, this will be a provisional situation.
10. Are you serious? You quibble about my being five minutes late?
11. After I got a handle on blogging, I became addicted to it.
12. When junkies are trying to quit drugs, they are going to experience a “drug withdrawal
13. I hope that the dress I bought you is of your liking; otherwise you can change it.
14. Although a lot of political scandals emerged, none of the politicians was punished.
15. I believe that all rich people should endow poor families or charities with money or land.
16. When she saw the burglars in her house she tried to keep a stiff upper lip.
17. This is a gift as a token of his appreciation on what you did last night.
18. The ship ran aground on the rocks so everybody had to abandon it.
19. The book elaborates on the theory of relativity.
20. The proprietor of the company donated some money to the destitute people living in the neighborhood.
21. You should not make so snap decisions; you need to become more prudent.
22. Everybody wanted to amend that law so as to calm down the indignant people, so they unanimously agreed to reform it.
23. He did not do well on the test, so his parents grounded him as a punishment.
24. –Nick left and he forgot his keys.
- I’ll try to catch up to him.
25. I had a car accident in the past. A motorcycle wreaked great damage on my car, but thank god neither of us was hurt.
26. After the interrogation he was liberated because of lack of evidence..
27. The merchandise, I received for my shop was deficient.
28. He was convicted for breaching of the peace.
29.  It was such a petty crime that he was acquitted (not connected with the previous sentence)
30. Resisting arrest is a very common situation when people demonstrate.
31. The verdict was really lenient. The murderer was sentenced to only five years of prison.
32. In order to keep off misfortune, we break a pomegranate on New Year's Eve.


  1. Super work, Helen! Only be careful with 'down and out'! :-)

  2. Finally i managed to finish the first month of my calendar!!!!!!

  3. Corrections completed!!! We will discuss everything on Tuesday! Till then, keep studying and creating such wonderful calendars!! :-)

    P.S. I expect more posts from the other writers of the blog, as well! Enough with sunbathing and swimming, time to blog, yay! (hehehe)