Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Why do people pirate CDs and how does it affect the Music Industry??

Nowaday's there are very few people that buy authentic CD's from the Music Stores. Most of them prefer to purchase them on the Internet or to buy a copy from them from the central market. But why do people pirate CD's and how does it affect the Music Industry?

First of all, the main reason on why people pirate CD's, is that they have a very low cost and if you download from the Internet it is usually free, but the quality remains the same. Because of the economic crisis we face at the moment, it is really difficult for someone to pay these money so as to derive pleasure from a song. In addition, you can buy or download the song from the Internet any time of the day you want, without trying to find the piece of time to go to the shops. Finally, after you buy the CD, you may regret it, and think it was a waste of money because it did not satisfy you. However, getting the product illegally you never face a problem like this.

Although this act is really beneficial for the buyers it is really hazardous for the music industry. First of all, in the last two years all the music stores in my country have closed. Almost no-one was buying things from them. In addition, through the years less CD's are produced because it is a really expensive procedure. If a music company wants to create a music album, then they have to rent studios, to find somebody to write the lyrics and the music, but also a vocalist. All these could be said to cost a fortune. So they prefer bring out a CD which is well-prepared so as for it to bring the biggest success.

In my opinion, if the music companies would try to make a lower profit from each music allbum, then the music industries would thrive!


  1. Super writing, Helen! If you try to incorporate some more complex vocabulary, it will be just great! Also, remember that CDs is a plural noun, so no apostrophes are needed. Keep blogging, Helen! :-)

  2. Nobody can stop me from blogging!!! I'll try to improve my vocabulary.... See you tomorrowwwww!!!