Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Phrases and grammar structures for ideal essays

In order to write an ideal essay, it is vital that we use the phrases;
  • If it were up to me.../ If I had to decide.../ As I see it.../ It seems to me that.../ I am inclined to believe that.../ I tend to believe that.../ I am convinced that.../ There is no doubt in my mind that...
  • To begin with, .../ In addition, ... /As a result.../ Admittedly, .../ Therefore, .../ Last but not least, ...
  • According to, .../ Regarding.../ As regards.../ Concerning.../ As for...
  • To overcome this problem.../ To alleviate the situation, .../ It would be a grave error if.../ It is vitally important that.../ Were sth to... , the situation would doubtless improve./ To deal with this, .../ The burden of responsibility lies in the hands of...
  •  It is undeniable/ widely recognized/ well-known/ doubtless that...
and the grammar structures;
  • Inversions 
(e.g. Not only is he a brilliant scientist, but he is also very funny.)
  • Passive Voice 
(e.g. The patients are seen by the doctor once a week)
  • Conditionals - Inverted Conditionals 
 (e.g. Had I known it was your birthday yesterday, I would have given you a present)
  • Emphatic structures 
(e.g. There are such a lot of galaxies in the universe.)
  • Subjunctive 
(e.g. It is Important / vital / essential / necessary / desirable that he finish the course of medication)


  1. Excellent phrases, Minas! Could you give us an example of each of the grammatical structures you recommend? :-)

  2. Bravo once again Mina for adding example sentences!