Monday, 18 March 2013

Home Schooling

   Home schooling is the education of children at home by their parents or by tutors. It is another way of teaching children instead of going to conventional schools. There is no doubt in my mind that education at home has some advantages; however, there are disadvantages, too.
      A lot of parents, indeed, opt to organize their children' education at their home. One of the most obvious benefits of home schooling is that the lessons are tailored to students' needs. This means that the students can control the way the lesson will be, so that it incorporates the subjects the students are mostly interested in. As a result, the latter will be more industrious. Furthermore , another reason that some parents prefer to home school their children than send them to conventional schools is that they have different religions from the official one; therefore, they wish to protect their beliefs and avoid insult. each other and they may insult them because of their beliefs. They can also get influenced by other students and commit illegal actions. Last but not least there is no peer pressure and children do not need to prove their abilities to others. (Hercules, this is a list of arguments without any explanation! Add a few sentences here to explain what you mean!)

  It should not be forgotten that home schooling has also certain drawbacks. One of the consequences of home schooling is that not all parents are professional educators  are not specialist professors ,so they may not be able to solve/ answer all the questions that their children have. They also need a particular enriched knowledge of a variety of thematic areas, otherwise their teaching will not be adequate as a result the and students will fall behind, also feeling frustrated. Moreover, their socialization will be improper/ incomplete, since they will not be familiar with communicating with strangers and with danger, so they will not know how to react in some tough situations in the future. Parents also violate the truancy laws because there are no boundaries in the absences the child is legally seen as absent from school. as a result children will be usually absent and they will not have progress. Therefore, parents are in danger of going to prison for committing a very serious crime.

    After carefully considering the pros and cons, it seems to me that home schooling is not the best way of teaching the children; although it makes the education easier, it does not make it effective enough, as the absences and the curriculum is not under the control of the state.

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