Saturday, 16 March 2013


Nowadays Internet plays a substantial role in our lives. It has improved them and, as a result, we can live better. As far as I'm concerned, the most important invention in the last 50 years is the computer and generally the Internet.


(Topic sentence?) First of all, computers are something vital for each job and everybody should be confortable using them. With the Internet we can be aware of all the news and events around the world. In addition, they help us to find information on any subject or area. This is very important not only to be familiar with the environment around us, but also to expand our intellectual horizons and as a result do better at school or university. Furthermore, apart from its use in the educational field, (remember commas!) the Internet enables us to do our shopping online without going to the shopping mall, thus saving valuable time .With the Internet everything can be delivered to our door to satisfy all our needs. Last but not least, it provides us with the ability to spend our time in a fun way with our friends or other people by chatting with them, discussing about matters that concern us and generally having fun.


In my opinion the world would be very different without this invention. To begin with, we wouldn't have the ability to be informed about everything that happens around us. It would be very difficult to assimilate information from fields that interest us.In addition, we wouldn't be able to have fun. (Express all your opinion in the same paragraph) On the other hand, I think that life would also be more (?) interesting without this invention. (This contradicts what you've already said- just mention briefly potential disadvantages.) We could do a a lot of amusing things rather than sitting in front of a chair and watching a screen. We would be able to go out and do something recreational, such as riding our bikes or do some sports. This would also provide us with the ability not only to have fun, but also tone our muscles and keep in shape.


To sum up Internet was, is and will be something very important for a lifetime. We only have to use it by taking the suitable measures. That would help us not to become addicted to it.

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