Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The most important problem that teenagers face

  Nowdays, teenagers are forced to face a lot of problems.The most serious and important one is the teenagers' worries about the future and the competitiveness among them.

Teenagers, indeed, need to deal with a variety of obstacles. First of all, in the recent years the greek community has faced financial problems. The Greek crisis has made teenagers' life harder, as they cannot afford to get the necessary equipment for school or sometimes families cannot even afford some food. Furthermore,  due to the crisis there is a limit to their professional prospects and the possibilities of finding a job of their choice are few. Secondly, it is difficult for teenagers to choose what job they want to follow in the future, either because of their undeveloped personality or do not know if they will earn enough money to make a living. In some occasions that can lead to psychological problems and stress.

Fortunately, there are effective solutions to all the aforementioned problems. Teenagers should face successfully those problems, so teachers and parents should contribute to that attempt. Firstly, adolescents should discuss with their parents about the current situation in their country. Secondly, teachers should give advice to the students on what profession to follow, as they know which subjects children are interested in and good enough at. Moreover, teenagers should try hard and do their best to achieve their goals; however, in extremely difficult cases it would be advisable to consult a psychologist to help the young people to overcome these hurdles.

To sum up, teenagers need to be industrious and optimistic in order to succeed  in their life. They should never give up or get frustrated about their future or their life or themselves.

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