Sunday, 4 August 2013

Can chip implants replace IDs?

Chip implants have been around for some decades.First they were used in order to indetify stray animals and return theme to their owners or they were used to gain access to files that belong to the goverment and to the army .Now, it has been proposed that chip implants can replace ID cards.In my opinion , if this proposal is accepted ,  some will be in opposition and some will be satisfied.
   One of the most  serious benefits of chip implants is that fraud will not be easily committed.This means that using  the ID of someone else in order to withdraw money from bank accounts or claim money from differetnt agencies will almost be impossible.Another positive aspect of chip implants is that terrorist organisations will remain inactive as it would be difficult for them to have a genuine ID and people will obtain a sense of  security.
 On the other hand , chip implants have serious drawbacks .Although we live in a democratical regime , it can not be guaranteed that it will last forever.If the regime of our country becomes dictatorial, the dictaotor will have all the information and all the details of a person carrying a chip in a central computer.Another serious drawback is that monitoring people with RFID's means trating to them in an inhumane way,which is directly opposed to the rights of privacy and dignity.
 All things considered , there is no doubt that chip implants can replace ID cards, but it must be pointed out that the rights of privacy and dignity can be eroded and lots of people will be angaist the use of this new technology

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